It’s Not Me, It’s You

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Blog

I have good news for you: the problem is between your ears. Even if you’re 100% convinced that the problem is food, your weight, money, your partner, your past or anything in between, what I’m about to explain can change the game IF you’re open to hearing it.

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Let me kick this off with a little context for you. I just released episode 613 of the Primal Potential podcast which is all about my recent trip to Bermuda and striking a beautiful balance of fully embracing the experience and making choices that make me feel amazing.

At the start of the episode, I shared that vacations used to be super stressful for me. On the one hand, I’d think, “Awe come on. It’s vacation. Live it up. Eat what you want. It’s a special occasion.”

On the other hand, I’d be freaking out about weight gain, about overeating, about how I looked in a bathing suit and how unhappy I was with myself and my health. Even if I went whole hog and indulged, I didn’t feel good about it. I felt frustrated, guilty, full of shame and lethargic.

In the episode, I share how my insecurities often kept me on the sidelines. I worried about what others might be thinking about me and I didn’t participate fully in anything. (In fact, in the episode, I talk about a time I went jet-skiing, fell off the back and couldn’t pull myself back on because of my weight…)

But here’s the important message that I explore in episode 613. My vacations weren’t the reason for my “all-or-nothing” attitude. The trip wasn’t to blame for the “Eh! Live a little! It’s a special occasion” mindset. To be honest, I had those thoughts when I would go out to dinner. I told myself that story when someone brought donuts to work or it was a holiday. I sold myself that story after a stressful day of work.

It wasn’t a vacation issue. It wasn’t a holiday issue. It wasn’t a travel issue. It was a mindset issue.

The same is true about my insecurities. I wasn’t sitting on the sidelines because I was overweight. I wasn’t hiding or feeling ashamed because of the size of my pants. Even after losing over 100 pounds, I told myself the same stories. That I didn’t want to embarrass myself or have people see my body.

It wasn’t a size issue. It wasn’t a body issue. It was a mindset issue.

The same is true about temptation, motivation, discipline and willpower. In episode 613, I talk about how I really like pancakes and waffles, but I didn’t eat them while on vacation. Every day, breakfast was bacon, eggs, vegetables, black coffee and water. Someone commented that they hope one day they won’t be tempted by indulgences.

It’s not the pancakes. It’s not the cookie. They aren’t the issue. Temptation is a mindset issue. Motivation is a mindset issue. Discipline and willpower are mindset issues.

I could sell myself a story that the pancakes are super tempting. That they look amazing and I want them so badly. The desire for pancakes comes from my thoughts about them.

Or, I could create a different story. Yeah, they look good. I’ve had them before, I know what they taste like. Having sugar and starch in the morning makes me more tired and I don’t want to be tired. I want to feel amazing. Because of those thoughts, I’m not tempted by the pancakes.

Mindset. It’s everything. If you don’t believe me, listen to episode 613 right now so you can see these ideas in practice.

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When you change the way you think, absolutely EVERYTHING gets easier!

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