Let’s Call A Lie A Lie

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Blog

Most of us lie to ourselves.

I would bet money that you lie to yourself.

I’d also bet that you might not even realize that your lies are in fact lies.

One of the most common lies I see (and I used to tell myself) is that indulging, overeating and binging are what you want, they make you feel good and you like it.

I would argue that when you overeat, it doesn’t work for you. You don’t like it and it doesn’t make you feel good.

I have a client who is trying to overcome a long-held habit of overeating after dinner. The other day in our private Facebook group she was struggling with the desire to indulge in that habit. Here’s what she said:

Urges, I can feel you and let you pass. I am stronger than you. I am taking a vigorous walk after a night without sleep. I am going home to shower and get myself some true downtime. Urges you don’t know the real me!

So basically, the urge to overeat was there. She wanted to. She was tempted.

One of the other women in the group had such a powerful response, calling her out on lies she has believed about these urges to overeat:

Can I add something? “Urges, you say you’ll make me feel better if I indulge. That’s a lie. Experience has shown me that I feel crappy, exhausted and stressed when I give in to you.”

Isn’t that so true!?

Maybe you tell yourself you want to overeat. You want to “let go” and indulge. You tell yourself that you need it. You’re stressed, you’re tired and you just don’t care.

But isn’t that a lie?

Isn’t it more true that the overeating makes you more tired?

Isn’t it more true that the overeating makes you more stressed?

Isn’t it more true that you are NEVER glad you did it?

Isn’t it more true that if you reflect back on your experience, it’s never worth it?

Start to look for those lies you’ve been telling yourself and challenge yourself to find what is real.

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