How I Made Myself Really Proud (And You Can, Too)

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Blog

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I am learning how to do things on my own. By myself. For myself.

It’s usually not easy.

For months now, I haven’t had an office space. I work on the couch.

I haven’t liked it but I haven’t changed it.

I complained about it but didn’t do anything about it. (I’ve taken that approach in other areas of life too…it’s not exactly effective. Anyways…)

Last weekend, I decided to stop being unhappy about it and do something about it.

I found a gorgeous, 7 foot solid wood dining table on clearance. Perfect.

They measured my car. Won’t fit.

I made other arrangements for help.

They fell through. 

At this point, there were a number of big barriers.

  • It’s a huge, heavy table.
  • It won’t fit in my car.
  • I don’t have anyone to help.
  • I can’t move it alone.
  • It’s snowing.
  • The stairs in my place are steep and there’s a sharp 90 degree turn to navigate

Yup, all very real, true & valid barriers. 

I decided to find a way, anyway.

What can I do?

I can fit the legs in my car. I can get to the two legs here.

Sure, they’re heavy, but I can do it. 

I drove to the store and loaded up the legs.


I carried them up the steep stairs by myself.

What else can I do? Instead of seeing everything that was a challenge, what else can I do?

I drove back to the store.

I asked the guy to help me find a way to fit the 7 foot, solid wood table top in my car.

He did.

We laid down the back seats, moved up the front seats and tied that bad boy down with the tailgate open.


(we won’t get into how I talked to the table, encouraging it to not fly out of the back of the car on the drive home)

He asked how I’d get it out of the car on my own.

“I’ll figure it out”

One thing at a time.

I did. I got it out of the car by myself, in the snow, without killing myself or putting holes in the wall. 

It was hard.

I cried.

I was frustrated and proud at the same time.

I got that damn 7 foot, solid wood table top up the stairs.

By myself.

The thing I thought I couldn’t do.

The thing everyone else thought I couldn’t do.

The thing I almost didn’t try to do.

The thing logic would tell me wasn’t possible.

I did it. 


(I had to pause at the top of the stairs to catch my breath and appreciate the miracle before taking the 90 degree turn)

It’s solid wood. It’s heavy.

Once I made it to the living room, I carefully slid the table onto the floor and hoisted the legs on top of it. 

I screwed in the bolts, by hand, with the small wrench the furniture-store-man had given me. (You thought I had tools of my own? Um, no. I have scissors and knives.)

I couldn’t get the last one to go. It’s always the last one, isn’t it?!

I got pissed.

I took a few deep breaths, said a dozen or so curse words, unscrewed them all and started over.

I did it.

I hoisted the table on it’s side.



And then….

I realized it might be too large and heavy for me to get it upright on my own.

Damn it, no! I can’t get it this far and then get stuck on the LAST DANG STEP!

I’ll find a way. 

I sat on the floor, took a few more deep breaths and decided to harness all my strength of mind and muscle.

I did it.

I turned it upright without putting holes in the floor or wall. 

Without breaking any bones.

I did it.

This isn’t about a table.

This isn’t about being an independent woman, either. 

This is about deciding that the only limits on you are the ones you accept.

Hear me: 

You can do so much more than you think you can.

Guys, understand something:

Sometimes the barriers are REAL.

I’m not suggesting that you’re complaining.

But real barriers can be overcome when you decide to keep going anyway. 

Start fighting for your highest potential.

You can do it.

What can you do today to make yourself proud?


I want to help you do this.

I want to help you find other ways.

I want to help you overcome excuses. 

Let’s start with this free webinar series next week. I’ll be there live. I’ll help you. We’ll create this strength TOGETHER.

Grab your free spot here. 

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