Modified Fasting – EB Day 1

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Blog

I am in the middle of a modified several day fast. Though these blogs are lagging a couple days behind, I wanted to share with you what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and how it’s going.

The big goal is this: to give my insulin response a break as much as possible for 5 days.

Most of my energy will come from bulletproof coffee for the next 5 days, but I’ll have some straight coconut oil or macadamia nuts to take the edge off as needed.

What do those foods have in common? They are both low carb & low protein. This is by design as fat has the least impact on insulin on all the macronutrients.

I’m doing this modified fast for a few reasons:

  1. I love a challenge and I felt like challenging myself in a different way. I like to mix it up and see how different approaches make me feel
  2. I’m preparing for an extended fast with my good from Ella from On Air with Ella in March (details coming on episode 300 of the Primal Potential podcast)
  3. I’ve been drinking more alcohol than normal lately and it has made me feel kinda “blah”
  4. I am moving this week so I’m under a wee bit more stress than normal – that seems like a great time to really dial back on my insulin production

Whenever topics like fasting come up, there are some predicable questions:

  1. If you eat less, aren’t you going to slow your metabolism?
  2. If you don’t eat enough, won’t you lose muscle mass?
  3. Will you be able to workout?

The timing is great for these questions as I’m addressing them on episode 300 of the Primal Potential podcast so definitely check that out. I think the science discussed in that episode will help answer all those questions & much more.

But for this post and eat day of my modified fast, I want to share my experiences with you.

9am: I’ve been up since 4:30a and I’m not too hungry. I’d rate it at about a 2 on a 1-10 scale. Drinking black coffee & feeling pretty good.

1pm: Feeling a little hungry but totally unfocused – making a cup of bulletproof coffee. I made it with just 1 tbsp of butter and 1 tbsp of MCT oil. For those unsure of what bulletproof coffee is, check out my past posts or podcasts on it here, here or here.

2:43pm: Surprisingly hungry after my cup of BP coffee. ¬†Hunger is a 6 or so on a 1-10 scale. Definitely thinking about food. I want to eat. Reminding myself to slow down my thoughts – that always makes everything easier. Slow down, focus on what I’m doing, not on what I’m thinking.

One of the primary reasons I enjoy playing around with fasting is because I want to experience the full spectrum of hunger. I used to be so reactive to hunger and I never knew when I actually NEEDED to eat versus just felt like it. I want to feel these feelings.

4:52pm: I’m starting to thinking thoughts about justifying food. Cauliflower rice or something small. Instead of spending my metal energy talking myself out of this fast, I’m going to spend my energy talking myself into it. It’s only hard if I focus on what feels hard.

6:15pm: 2 tbsp coconut oil. I was having a bit of reflux (surely bc of the amount of black coffee I drank today) but the coffee is worth the reflux.

8:00pm: This girl is TIRED. Like, “I don’t want to get up and brush my teeth” tired. I’m getting emotional, which is totally based on being hungry and tired. Don’t follow the thoughts. Life is so good. Slow down the thinking and get ready for bed (welcome to my internal dialogue – it goes faster than you can read or I can type, haha).

8:26pm: I just remembered I’m giving blood tomorrow. Dang. That’s gonna make me more tired and hungry. Not ideal to have scheduled when doing a modified fast. Must drink lots of water!

8:56pm: Saw a picture of a guy on Facebook eating cereal and all I can think about is how good Lucky Charms would be. WTF? It wasn’t even Lucky Charms on the commercial! Go to bed, Elizabeth. Go to bed, you’re tired.

Day 2 coming your way tomorrow.


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