Modified Fasting – EB Day 4

by | Feb 26, 2017 | Blog

NOTE: Pls remember that these blogs are being posted a couple days behind…they were written, but not published, in real time. 

Oh boy. I woke up HUNGRY. That rarely happens.

Interestingly, I got my coffee and started working and 30 minutes later, I wasn’t hungry anymore.

It’s such a powerful reminder to NOT immediately react to hunger. Just chill. See what happens if you ride the wave without reacting. I’m really grateful for that reminder! Don’t trust the immediate onset of hunger…

11:00am: bulletproof coffee with 1 tbsp butter and 1 tbsp MCT oil

I don’t think BP coffee is as effective at managing my hunger and sustaining my energy as it once was.

I had a conversation with my girl Ella today & told her that doing this modified fast has decreased my confidence in our upcoming 5-day water fast.

She made a really great point. She suggested that a modified fast might be more difficult (for some) than a full fast. I immediately disagreed with her but as I thought about it, that’s what I’m seeing over these past few days.

The hours before I eat something (4:30am – 11 or 12) are way easier than the hours after I break my overnight fast. And, the hours between my last meal/snack and bedtime feel far easier than the eating window hours.

I think I might believe her…

Once I start eating, I’m thinking more about food and I’ve awoken that hunger urge. Another lesson I’m glad she helped me learn.

2:45pm A couple ounces of cheese (it was tasty but I noticed my fingers feeling stiff & puffy within 20 minutes of eating. Dairy doesn’t love me back, a lesson I learn over and over)

I’ve decided that today is the last day of the modified fast. I’ll be going back to my balance of non-starchy veggies, protein & healthy fats tomorrow. I’m moving, which is stressful, but I’ll also be doing lots of lifting and movement & travel. I’m not trying to be a hero with this modified fast, I always want to make choices that make me feel my best and I know eating in a more conventional way starting tomorrow is part of that.

5:50pm: Quart of bone broth with added MCT oil

I’m going to bed early tonight. I’m hungry and I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow to eat some veggies & protein!

The primary lessons I’ve learned in this modified fast:

  • I’m excited about and nervous for the full fast with Ella
  • I probably eat more than I need to on “normal” days
  • Focus is everything – if I focus on food, I think about food. If I don’t focus on food, I don’t think about food
  • Be patient with hunger, the first signs are often false (for me)

Stay tuned for detailed accounting of the March full fast I described in episode 300 of the podcast!

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