No Enemy Within

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Blog

There’s an African proverb that was recently shared with me:

When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm.

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We are the cause of most of the pain in our lives. Our negativity. Doubts. Fears. Assumptions. Judgements.

When we doubt ourselves or act as our own harshest critic, not only does it slowly erode our happiness and confidence, it magnifies the doubts and criticisms of others.

It’s the root of our fear & insecurity.

But, when we work to eliminate that internal critic, when we work to establish belief in ourselves, our potential and our abilities – when we befriend ourselves, there’s no external critic that can be more powerful than our internal strength and belief.

However, this takes work. Often, we have to actively engage in repairing our relationship with ourselves. In building trust & belief while refusing to engage in negativity.

Though I just heard that African proverb today, it’s been tattooed on my back for years. Literally.

I got the only tattoo I have years ago after a trip to Ghana, Africa. It’s an African symbol that means “no one can do anything to me.”

It’s the same, right?

No one can do anything to me…except me.

If I’m against me, who will be for me?

But if I am militantly on my own side, there’s no one who can hurt me because their words & actions can’t match the power of my internal dialogue.

When you refuse to doubt yourself, you’ll refuse to indulge the doubts of others.

When you refuse to harm yourself, you’ll refuse it from others.

Our greatest obstacles are inside us.

Our greatest potential is within us.

Be militantly on your own side.

Refuse to speak or act against yourself.

It’s your thoughts and fears and doubts that haunt you most. They magnify the words and actions of others. They are the cause of all comparison & judgement.

YOU are the thinker. You are not your thoughts.

When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm.

How can you be on your own side today?

What can you do today to build belief in yourself today?

What can you do or not do today to improve the relationship you have with yourself?

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