Why You Should NOT Go To ASCEND

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Blog

On July 12th, Primal Potential’s 2nd anniversary, I announced ASCEND, the first ever women’s transformation weekend. If you didn’t hear the details, you need to listen to this episode.

I will be spending a weekend, November 3-5th in downtown Nashville TN helping 50 women transform their lives in the best ways imaginable.

I thought I’d take a minute today to tell you why you should NOT go.

Trust me, I understand the position you’re in. I considered and passed up on a ton of opportunities while I was trying to shake myself loose from the bad habits, food obsession and inconsistencies that defined me and my life for decades. I kept falling for the same yo-yo diet approach for years. I get it. I’m gonna shoot straight and be really clear on why you shouldn’t buy a ticket and attend ASCEND.

It’s expensive. It will require travel. You might even have to get a day off work.

You probably won’t know anybody.

You won’t get a food list or a meal plan or someone to script out all the exact steps you need to take to lose the weight and take control of your life (even though you probably wouldn’t follow them anyway).

It might be uncomfortable. Heck, it probably will be.

You don’t really know what will happen.

You might have to face the real issues that are holding you back instead of just talking about carbs, fat, protein and exercise.

You’ve never really done the work anyway, so how will this be different?

You might be the biggest person there, or the smallest. That might make you uncomfortable.

You really think you can do it on your own. You never have, and you keep trying, but dang it, if you just keep following the same approach that hasn’t worked yet, it’ll eventually turn around.

It’s probably best to play it safe and stay in your comfort zone. That’s what you’re used to.

There’s always the podcast, and that’s free.
This event isn’t really worth the risk.
Totally valid points. You probably shouldn’t go.
There’s a chance that you’re at the same point I got – there’s a chance that you’re thinking, “No. I don’t want to take the same approach. I don’t want to waste anymore time. I want to do something different so I can make my life different.
Maybe you know that if you keep doing the same types of things, you’ll keep getting the same types of results.
Maybe you realize that your best life lives beyond your comfort zone and you’re ready to dive right into that discomfort to get to the life you want…
Maybe you’re excited to go beyond the food lists and meal plans to understand and eliminate the things that really hold you back.
Maybe you’re ready to let someone who has been there & done that and helped hundreds of others help YOU in a focused, concentrated weekend workshop.
If that’s you, you might be one of the 50 women who should spend the weekend taking your life to to the next level!

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