Of Course I Struggle…

by | Jul 18, 2018 | Blog

I wanted to share with you a short message my sister sent me the other day that resonates with me on every level.

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The message from my sister said:

Of course I struggle. I just don’t quit.

I like it so much I made it the background of my phone.

Sometimes we think that people who reach their goals or create success simply struggle less than we do. We tell ourselves that they have it easier, in some way.

That’s usually not true. They struggle. I struggle in big ways and small ways. But, I refuse to quit.

I get tired. I get sad. I feel stressed, overwhelmed and pressured. My motivation fades. I make choices I don’t feel proud of.

But I refuse to quit.

I won’t turn back. I won’t give up. I simply refuse to quit.

Every day I wake up and ask myself, “What will I do to make today amazing? What will I do to make myself proud?

Then, I get to work making those things happen.

Stop making your goals optional. Stop re-negotiating what you’ll do and not do each day.

Set your eyes on where you want to go and put one foot in front of the other. Get to work.

Here’s to showing up for yourself. Here’s to not quitting. Here’s to trying. Here’s to doing your best.

Here’s to a day of making yourself proud!

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