Ep 132: Overfed and Undernourished Part 2

Jan 30, 2016

I think that most of us, weight problem or no weight problem, are overfed and undernourished. We focus on foods that deliver an imbalance of energy & nutrition. We get plenty of energy in the form of calories but we starve our bodies of the nutrients they need for both proper & optimal function.

Specifically, in this overfed and undernourished 2 part series, I want to talk about 5 nutrients I feel most of us aren’t getting enough of. I’ll dive into why they’re important and how we can get more.

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Overfed and Undernourished Part 2

overfed and undernourished part 2 We have a tendency to rely on processed foods that deliver energy without nutrition (or with little nutrition). This leads to “malnutrition of affluence” or a situation of being overfed and undernourished.

We simply aren’t giving our bodies the raw materials they need to function optimally. This leads to:

  • Obesity
  • Fatigue
  • Inflammation
  • Chronic disease

Instead of looking at health & weight loss through the lens of restriction and deprivation, I’d encourage everyone to focus on equipping your body to function optimally so it creates a state of leanness, energy and vitality. When making food choices, ask yourself:

  • Is this energy & nutrition or one without the other?

In this series, I want to focus on 5 things I feel we need more of. In part one, I talked about essential fatty acids & vitamin D.

In today’s episode of overfed and undernourished, I’ll be tackling B vitamins, probiotics and magnesium.

Specifically, we’ll look at:

  • What they are
  • What they do
  • The problems related to deficiency
  • How to consume more
  • What increases our body’s need for these

Related to B vitamins, this episode addresses:

  • How B vitamins help the body generate energy from food
  • How energy & metabolism are impacted by B vitamin deficiency
  • What is methylation & how does B vitamin status impact methylation?
  • Signs of B vitamin deficiency
  • Factors that deplete our B vitamin status
  • Foods rich in B vitamins
  • Challenges with mega dose B vitamin supplements

Related to magnesium, this episode addresses:

  • What magnesium is and its function in the body
  • Prevalence of deficiency
  • Signs of deficiency
  • Factors that deplete magnesium
  • How magnesium impacts insulin
  • How magnesium influences fat loss
  • Why magnesium is required for energy generation
  • Foods rich in magnesium

Related to probiotics, this episode addresses:

  • What they are & why they are important
  • The prevalence of bacteria in the human body
  • Why bacterial balance significantly impacts health & fat loss
  • Factors that disrupt our microbiome
  • Factors that restore our microbiome
  • Considerations for supplementation


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