Episode 069: Power Thinking vs Positive Thinking for Fat Loss

Jul 25, 2015

Fat loss is 90% what you eat. What you eat is 90% mental. If you don’t control your thoughts, they will control you. This is very clear when we consider all the times we’ve really wanted to make good food choices but cave to temptation in the moment. Controlling your thoughts isn’t just about positive thinking – in fact, positive thinking often falls far short. This is where power thinking comes into play. In this episode we talk about why positive thinking isn’t enough and how power thinking can make a huge difference in your life regardless of your goal.

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The Difference between positive thinking & power thinking

  • positive thinking: framing your thoughts in a positive manner despite any doubt and disbelief in your rational mind or your heart
  • power thinking: choosing to frame a situation in a way that is both useful & empowering to you
    • based on premise that everything is neutral & we choose to assign values or emotions every event and circumstance


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