Reacting To Frustration

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Blog

We all have those days when we feel frustrated. Maybe we had a setback or we aren’t seeing the results we think we should. How do you react to frustration?

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You expected to lose weight but you didn’t. How do you react?

You thought you’d crush the workout and you struggled the whole way through. How do you react?

You planned to eat clean and you overindulged instead. How do you react?

You’re stuck in traffic. How do you react?

You can choose a reaction that accelerates or decelerates your progress. Which do you choose?

How you react in moments of frustration determines the trajectory of your progress and represents a huge opportunity for improvement for most of us.

For most of my life, if the scale didn’t show the weight loss I thought it would, I’d throw my hands in the air and spend the rest of the day, weekend or week overeating. I’d have a big ‘ol pity party that was completely counterproductive.

No wonder I didn’t make much progress.

If I thought I’d crush a workout and instead found myself struggling to complete each rep, I’d leave the gym pouting and wondering why I even try. I’d sell myself this story about how it’s not even worth it, I’m just a loser and I might as well eat ice cream & Mexican food.

See the trend?

How we respond to frustration is a MASSIVE opportunity for most of us to improve.

These days, I use moments of frustration as an opportunity to get more focused.

My internal dialogue goes something like this: “Let’s focus. What does my best effort look like today? How can I work more efficiently or apply more discipline? What can I do?

I have these opportunities to redirect every single day.

I get frustrated with my body. I get frustrated with my work. I get frustrated with relationships.

In those moments, you can go one of two ways: you can narrow your focus and move with more determination towards your goals or you can get dramatic & emotional and move further from them.

How we react to frustration is a huge opportunity for improvement. How can you improve your reaction to frustration?

Today’s workout totally smoked me in the best way!


KB swings

Heavy med ball slam

30 cal airdyne bike after each round

It took me a good long while to catch my breath after that one! Then I worked on my kip swing technique for a bit before heading to the chiropractor.

On the food front:

I had a big breakfast this morning: scrambled eggs with broccoli and leftover salmon from last night. So good! I enjoyed it after my workout and it made me smile. I love good food!

I took a bag of beet chips and some grilled chicken with me on my errands this afternoon and had more salmon and cauli rice for dinner when I got home.

Make today a great day & practice those responses to frustration!

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