Stop Being So Realistic

by | Sep 12, 2017 | Blog

One of my Fat Loss Fast Track clients posted this in our Facebook group the other day & I thought it was so powerful…

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Today, I came across a quote that I wanted to share with you all in light of this week’s challenge: “One of the saddest pieces of advice in the world is ‘Oh come now — be realistic'”

The author uses this to illustrate the point that limiting yourself by focusing on what’s “realistic” takes away from what makes life worth living…the pursuit of the BEST life, not just a better one. Today I’m using this quote to push me to not only reach my higher, more challenging standards, but surpass them. Every time I make a choice today, I’m going to ask myself “am I just being realistic? or am I being audacious in pursuit of my best life?”

Hmm, maybe that should be a new affirmation…I’m audacious in the pursuit of my best life 

We are so quick to convince ourselves not to leave our comfort zones. We sell ourselves arguments like:

  • I don’t want to be too extreme
  • I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew
  • That might set me up for failure
  • It’s probably too ambitious

Understand that when you do that, you’re talking yourself into your comfort zone. You’re arguing against growth, achievement and momentum.

Oftentimes, playing it safe isn’t really playing at all. You’re on the sidelines.

You’re choosing a mediocre life at the expense of a great one.

You’re choosing an easy life instead of an exceptional one. A comfortable life instead of a fulfilling one.

How can you be bold today? How can you be audacious in your creation of the life you want?

I know how hard it can be to make that transition – to be audacious instead of realistic – to be a goal achiever instead of a quitter – but I want to help you.

I want you to take that desire & turn it into action. I want to help you harness the hope and aim it at your choices.

Next week I’m hosting a totally free masterclass on creating motivation & claiming consistency. This’ll be the first step in creating these changes and bridging the gap between knowing & doing.  I really hope you’ll join me! Click here to register – please note that space IS limited.

Today’s workout wasn’t too fun but I pushed myself hard. My body was feeling a little tired & achy but I know a lot of that was not having put myself through a tough workout since Friday. I knew that if I got moving I’d feel better. I was right! I told myself to do single unders instead of doubles and move slow but steady on the air squats. Once I got to the air squats I was already feeling better. Movement is medicine!!

“Shred It”
160 Single Unders
80 Air Squats
800 Meter Run
40 Kettlebell Swings
40/30 Calorie Bike

On the food front:

I shared with you guys yesterday that I’m going to try the Keto Reset phase from Mark Sisson’s new book The Keto Reset Diet.

I’m doing this to see how my body feels with 50 grams of carbs or fewer each day and around 110 grams of protein.

I cut the cabbage in my salad bowl down today. Between the cabbage & the avocado, there were about 29 grams of carbs in my breakfast bowl. With the eggs & bacon, there were about 52 grams of protein.

I’m determining fat intake based on my hunger & energy, not a specific gram amount.

I had 10 big pieces of celery dipped in Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo to bring me up to my 50g carb limit for the day. Really I was just looking for a vehicle for the mayo. #truth

I roasted 2 chicken thighs in grassfed butter for dinner. I thought I’d really miss the veggies since I had the celery earlier but I didn’t at all. Instead of focusing on what wasn’t on my plate, I focused on savoring every bite of what was.

Then I took a hot shower, washed my face, brushed my teeth and got into bed early with a book. That made everything better!

One of my clients asked me to share with you guys my favorite sweet potato chips. She wants to make my sweet potato nachos. These couldn’t be easier – I simply buy a bag of sweet potato chips, spread a couple handfuls on a plate and top them with ground beef, salsa and guacamole. They’re delish!

I prefer Jackson’s Honest sweet potato chips – they super tasty and cooked in coconut oil (versus highly processed crop oils).

You can get a 5 oz bag through Thrive Market for just $2.99. You’d pay $6.37 for a 5 oz bag on Amazon!

Plus, if you use the URL you’ll get an additional 25% off your first order plus free shipping! Thrive Market does have an annual membership fee but you get your first 30-days free when using that URL.

Don’t forget! Join me next week for our motivation masterclass!! It’s live & free! 

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