To Make Things Better, Stop Making Them Worse

by | Sep 24, 2017 | Blog

Let’s decide right now that this coming week will be the best week you’ve had in a long time.

And, with only 98 days left until 2018, let’s make the rest of 2017 the very best of it.

Let’s all set a new standard for taking care of ourselves. Right now. It starts today. No matter what choices you’ve made so far today, it’s starts right now.

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Before you can make things better, you’ve got to stop making them worse.

Let’s take a minute or two to brainstorm a few of the most significant or most common ways you make things worse for yourself.

Think about it this way: if you can classify your choices as ones that move you towards your goals and ones that don’t, what are the choices, habits or excuses you use most often that don’t move you towards your goals?

Here are a few of the most common ones I see & hear:

Telling yourself that you’ll try harder or try again at some future point. You’ll eat cleaner starting Monday. You’ll start taking care of your health when your kid’s soccer season is over. Or on October first.
Committing to a set of diet rules because you read it somewhere. How many times have you tried that approach & failed? When you choose all or nothing (again), you’ll very likely end up where you’ve ended up each time before: surrendered & inconsistent.
Justifying indulgences. Instead of considering if what you’re doing is working & creating the results you want, you justify indulgences moment by moment because every day offers up an opportunity to break from what you want most. You’re drinking because it’s Friday night, having dessert because it was a stressful day or celebrating the weekend with choices you always regret come Monday.

You can’t make things better until you stop making them worse.

This requires that you be honest with yourself about how you’re making them worse instead of just jumping on someone’s bandwagon solution that has nothing to do with your problem!

So many times we try to make change by implementing a new solution instead of fixing the problem that is standing in the way of every previous solution we’ve tried.

Think about it: you commit to a new diet plan without addressing the fact that you talk yourself out of follow through on every other one you’ve tried.

Instead of getting excited about a new solution, how about you invest your energy in understanding the ways you’re holding yourself back and starting to do the work there?

Please don’t:

Wait until you’re at a breaking point to make a major change.

Think that a new solution is more valuable than paying attention to the underlying problem.

It’s not.

Identifying & overcoming the underlying problem is where true change originates from.

It’s not about willpower or self-disclipline. It’s not about finding the right set of food rules.

It’s about understanding how & why you’re holding yourself back. That’s your work. That’s where your change begins. Not in your pantry.

It’s not easy work – especially for your ego – but it’s both transformative & sustainable.

It’s honest, it’s direct and it’s facing the reality of our behavior instead of the fantasy of someone else’s.

It’s the essence of the work within the Fat Loss Fast Track.

Through 12 weeks of coaching, we aren’t focused on using discipline to execute rules.

We are looking at how and why you talk yourself into choices you wish you didn’t make.

We are looking at what foods, in what combinations, at what times make YOU feel your best.

It’s about YOU.

I could sit here and write about how powerful it is. I could share a bunch of quotes from current & past clients about how it’s transformed their bodies, minds, careers & finances.

I’m not going to & I’ll tell you why: because I don’t want to convince you to join the Fat Loss Fast Track.

I want the final group of 2017 to be filled with people who want to be there. With people who aren’t interested in any more quick fixes (that are never quick). With people who are ready to do the lasting, necessary work for change.

I want to wake up every morning of our 12 weeks together and help you generate momentum & enthusiasm for creating your best life, choice by choice.

I want to celebrate the arrival of 2018 with a crew of people who have spent the last 12 weeks building a foundation for their healthiest, best lives.

I honestly cannot wait for the October 1st kickoff and I really only have two questions:

Do you want to change?

Are you ready for an approach that is about you?

I’d love the opportunity to work closely with you over the next 12 weeks. Registration will close on Wednesday September 27th so I can get all the necessary info to everyone before our Oct 1st kick off.

You can register here:

You can get all the details here:

I definitely won’t twist your arm but if you’re excited about the opportunity to make permanent change and create a better life, let’s just freakin’ do this!

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