Stories Of Transformation: What Happens When You Trust The Process

by | Dec 18, 2019 | Blog

This story of transformation features 12 Weeks to Transformation client, Tracey.

For anyone passing by it looked like Tracey had a pretty good life. She was raising three great kids, was married to her college sweetheart for 27 years, had a successful career, wonderful friends and was doing things she enjoyed.

But behind the “good life” there was an underlying tension. Life felt closed and like something was broken. It wasn’t something she could really describe but it was always there. And those things carried into her marriage, but she didn’t really know what the root of the problem was.

The “good life” needed to continue, so she ignored the tension and kept going through the motions.

In 2018 this California girl had a front-row seat to watching her life crash.

She learned that her husband had been cheating on her.

For the next six months, the trauma and stress took a toll on Tracey.  She had already been living with a lung condition but under the weight of the stress, her body gave in to an extreme case of pneumonia which led to a two-week hospital stay. The sickness progressed to the point that she had to have an extreme procedure called a thoracotomy to scrape the infection out of her lungs.

What Tracey didn’t realize was that this hospital stay would be a major turning point for her life. At the lowest point in her life, things were about to shift.

It was during this time that a friend of Tracey’s told her about Elizabeth and the Primal Potential podcast. For two weeks, Tracey lay in her hospital bed listening to the podcast. Tracey recovered, was released from the hospital and continued listening to the podcast.

Through the podcast, she was hearing and seeing things that were causing the “lights to go on.” She had found exactly what she needed to change her life.

Tracey was initially drawn to the podcast because of the science-based nutritional and health information. As she began to put into practice Elizabeth’s teaching she watched her health improve dramatically. She lost weight she had battled for years. But she realized that was only one part of the equation to changing her life in a significant way.

The second, and biggest part, was changing her mindset. She came to understand how she thought, how she “talked to herself”, and how the decisions she made were key to major life change and realizing her true potential.

Even though she was still dealing with the aftermath of an affair, working through things with her husband and recovering from a major illness she knew she needed more.

That’s when she made the decision to get off the fence, invest herself and joined the 12 Weeks to Transformation.

It was during the 12 weeks that she got the practical and personalized no-nonsense tools she needed to open up her closed life. She was no longer racing through life, ignoring herself and her relationships.

She started to overcome the fear and self-doubt she had lived with most of her life.

By trusting the process, following the structure of the transformation and answering tough questions with brutal honesty she experienced the change she had been seeking.

Today Tracey describes her life as:

  • Expansive – life is no longer closed, it’s expanding all the time in all different areas
  • Limitless – “I feel more unlimited than when I was 22.  I’m 53 and I am so excited about the day,  the year and the rest of my life.”
  • Peaceful – “I’m super peaceful and I don’t think I’ve ever had that like inner peace. I’m standing on a rock of my faith, but I also have these tools that Elizabeth gave me to navigate things and to call myself out on my bullshit.”

To maintain her transformation Tracey has implemented a daily routine that is made up of different practices. There’s a physical component of exercise and nutrition. And then there’s the mindset component where she’s checking in with herself. She’s asking herself questions throughout the day AND paying attention to the answers.

If you desire to live a limitless and peaceful life and step into your true potential, just like Tracey you absolutely can.

Learn more about the 12 Weeks to Transformation here.

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