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by | Jul 17, 2023 | Blog

(And You Probably Aren’t Doing it Enough)

If there was a drinking game or a bingo card inside The Consistency Course, you’d win (or get wasted) if you had “successful people ask for help”.

The dramatic majority of us aren’t doing it enough.

If you’ll bear with me, I want to tell you a quick (important) story.

For the last year or so, Primal Potential has been a 1 woman show — me. For many years, I had a team helping me. I had help with tech stuff, administrative stuff and project planning/execution stuff.

After Dagny died, I realized I just wasn’t in a place where I could lead a team. Mentally and emotionally, I couldn’t put my energy there. Over time, I scaled back until I was the only one on the Primal Potential team.

Over that time, I’ve told myself this limiting story that there are certain things I can’t do “because I don’t have a team“.

There have been new things I wanted to try and things I wanted to change but I told myself I didn’t have the skills or the time.

Have you ever done that? Said “no” to growth, change or improvement because you don’t think you can do it, you don’t think you have the time or you don’t have enough help?

A few weeks back, as many of you know, I said “yes” to a course that would help me build some systems in my business. I was SO CLOSE to saying “no” because:

a) I didn’t think I had the technical ability to do the course work
b) I don’t have a team to help/do it for me
c) I didn’t think I had the time

I did it anyway and it’s been the BEST THING EVER. Not only because of the results it’s helping me create, but because of the limiting story it has helped me re-write.

My only commitment to myself was that if/when I felt stuck or I didn’t understand something, I’d ask for help. And, I’ve done that.

Let me give you an example of how it changed things. Using what I built through the course, I had a post on Instagram that blew my previous results out of the water. We’ll use the number of comments on my posts as an example:

Before the course, the number of comments I had on my last 5 posts were: 1, 5, 1, 10, 21.

Using what I learned in the course? 583

(In the first 24 hours. And those 583 comments brought over 250 email addresses into my business. Email addresses are one of the most valuable ways to grow your business. Again, this was in the first 24 hours).

But, that’s not all.

Just this week I asked for help from a personal trainer.

I had been thinking about it, but I continued to workout alone at home because I didn’t feel like I was fit enough to work with a trainer. 🤨

I wondered what she’d think of me, if I’d be able to do the workout she programmed for me, and all sorts of other insecure thoughts.

But I reached out anyway and asked for her help getting my fitness back after having a bunch of babies.

When the insecure thoughts started bubbling up in my mind, I reminded myself: this isn’t about what she thinks. This isn’t about her. It’s about me.

I have a choice: I can hide or I can grow.

I can ask for help or I can try to get through alone.

Sometimes, we just need to get our ego out of the way so we can get better.

In my business course I decided that I would be the instructor’s best student.

With my trainer, I decided that I would be her best client.

And you know what? That mindset will set me up for success.

And it will set you up for success, too.

If you are ready to ask for help, consider joining me inside The Consistency Course. You can learn more and sign up here, or feel free to email me if you have questions.

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