I am all about pseduo-cooking in the summer time. Maybe it’s more appropriately called “assembling”, but sometimes I just want to throw something together that is easy, cool and fat loss friendly.

I totally made that happen the other day with this no-cook lobster avocado tower! (Yes, I agree that “tower” is a little dramatic, but I’m going with it anyway!)

A few months ago, I moved to Cape Cod. If you live on the Upper Cape, you know that the best place to go for a lobster roll is The Raw Bar. Not only are they incredibly generous with the lobster, but they know what most New Englanders know: the lobster is the star! They don’t add a whole bunch of mayo. There’s hardly any! They just keep it really simple and highlight the lobster.

When I go there, I order it “naked” – no bun – and happily eat a big pile of lobster. It’s amazing.

The other day, I didn’t feel much like cooking but I also wanted something more than lobster. I drove out to the The Raw Bar, got a naked lobster roll to go and then picked up a mango, an avocado and a jalapeno. Sounds the beginning of a great night, right? It was.

I chopped up 1/4 of the mango, the entire jalapeno (seeded) and diced the entire avocado. I chopped up the lobster and mixed everything together.

I don’t have a ring mold, so I just packed the blend into a 1-cup measure and tapped it out onto the plate with a simple summer salad of cucumber, tomato, pepper, onion and mozarella (from the grocery store).

Couldn’t be much easier, could it?

Don’t have lobster? Don’t want to pay for it? You could easily make this up with chicken, scallops, shrimp or just about anything else! I’m a HUGE fan of both the chicken and shrimp I get from Thrive Market. Yes, they recently launched a meat & seafood delivery service – it’s super high quality and really affordable! Check it out and register at thrivemarket.com/primalpotential for extra savings and a free 30-day trial!