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by | Nov 28, 2017 | Blog

I’ve been inspired by everyone’s holiday posts on social media! I’m borrowing the idea of a list based on something you want, something need, something to wear & something to read.

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I’m gonna tackle this from two perspectives – my own personal list and my recommendations for others.

Elizabeth’s List

Want: What I want most is everyone who is able to make an appointment to give blood. Please don’t get caught up in the tangible gifts that you overlook our incredible opportunity to give the gift of life. Literally. It’s amazing that we are all capable of giving the gift of life. Your 30-minute appointment for blood donation can save someone’s life! There are travel & health restrictions, but please, if you are eligible, commit to donate blood in the next 30 days.  Please visit the Red Cross to find a blood drive near you & schedule your appointment.

Need: I need new towels for my tiny house! My bathroom will be blue and white so I’m thinking white towels are probably the most versatile. Lame, huh? I’m quite practical!

Wear: I’m loving everything Army green this year and love this Reebok hoodie sweatshirt!

Read: My book list is always so long! One book I really want and haven’t yet purchased is Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual by Jocko Willink.

Elizabeth’s Recommendations:

Want: Connection! I encourage you to seek out connection and time together and prioritize that over gift giving! Go skiing, play a game, build a snow fort – do anything that creates connection! If I have to go with something tangible, I’ll share with you the very best bottle of wine I’ve had all year. For those of you who like dry, bold, punch-you-in-the-face reds, you’ve got to try Les Copains D’Abord! I’m struggling to find a place to buy it online, but if you can find it, let me know!

Need: A water filter! Seriously. If you don’t have a water filter, especially one in your shower, put that on your “need” list! Here’s the one I use in my kitchen and the one I use in my shower. If you aren’t sure why this is a need, listen to this episode of the podcast!

Wear: I mentioned the new Under Armour TB12 recovery sleepwear and I’m so in love with it! It’s light & comfortable and if it helps with recovery, I’m all about it! I sleep in it every night!

Read: In the fiction category, if you haven’t read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, it’s my favorite of all time.

What is the best book you’ve read this year?

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