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by | May 18, 2015 | Blog

It’s been a few weeks since I shared my daily eats so even though it’s a Monday, I thought I might give you a little look inside my life, my eats and my workout!

On this particular day I woke up around 5am. That’s pretty typical. I love mornings and I wake up each day like a kid on Christmas thinking, “Is it time for coffee?!?!!” I’m definitely not someone who dreads getting out of bed. It excites me. Well, in truth, coffee excites me. I start the grind & brew coffee pot and grab a huge glass of (filtered) water. While the coffee is brewing I settle into my home office with a book and my journal. My pre-work routine involves some combination of reading, journaling, affirmations and meditation. I don’t have strict time limits here. Some days I feel like meditating for 30 minutes and other days 30 seconds feels too long. I just roll with it. Before I start reading (I read 5-10 books each month) I grab my coffee. The first cup is always black, as is the second. The last cup is bulletproof. Don’t ask how many cups I drink per day. I’ll never tell.


Then I get to work. Like I said, I’m a morning person so I get the majority of my work done in the first half the day. I’m tremendously more productive before 2pm than I am after. I am solar powered, I think. As I powered through my work I got a delivery: my first box of bulletproof bars. These are new protein bars from The Bulletproof Executive made with collagen protein, MCT oil and cashews. I don’t eat bars all that often (I prefer real food) but I like to try new stuff so I can have great options when I travel or don’t make meal prep a priority. These were good. They were smaller than I was expecting and that always kind of annoys me (you can see how they compare to my computer mouse) but the amount of fat/protein/fiber really filled me up. They were suprisingly crunchy, too. They were kinda….wet (?)….probably due to the oils and the ground cashews. I don’t usually snack in the morning but when these got delivered I tried one pretty much right away.




The bar really satisfied my hunger and, though it may have been a placebo effect, seemed to really support my energy & endurance during my workout. I did a 20 minute circuit of weighted jump rope, reverse lunges, squat jumps and pushups. Hurts so good!!! I had to run errands post-workout and though I wasn’t particularly hungry, I was tempted by the idea of a Jimmy John’s unwich so I stopped in and got one. I love that you can get any sandwich wrapped in super sturdy lettuce leaves. I think I got the Beach Club (add bacon, hold the cheese).



Dinner was super simple. I had some Sizzlefish salmon that I wrapped in foil and threw on the grill and then took a container of shredded carrots and cabbage from Whole Foods and sauteed it with butter and coconut aminos. I had an avocado about to go bad so I threw that on the plate and sprinkled some salt on it. I don’t really do a whole lot of meals that take longer than a few minutes to prep & make! I like to keep it simple and I think simple can be totally delicious!



Sometimes I do have the urge to snack after dinner (even though I’m rarely hungry). When this urge sneaks up I usually go for some tea. I’ll often add stevia and unsweetened almond milk, especially to apple spice tea, and it is incredibly satisfying. If the urge to eat gets super strong (usually fueled by boredom or emotion) I just go to bed. Sleep makes everything better, don’t you think?

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