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Hey friends!

Last month I shared with you my goals for the rest of 2015. They are ambitious. I am on the grind. I’m hustling to drop some body fat and get strongerrrrr.

When I’m pursuing a particular goal, I try to simplify as much of my life as possible. That doesn’t mean I don’t get sh*t done – I sure do. But I simplify my approach and my perspective. I narrow down my focus to the most important things I need to to do to move towards my goal and I get those things done FIRST.

Here’s what that looks like for me: To reach my fat loss goals I know I need to focus on only two things.

  1. 4 hard, intense workouts each week (next week I’ll share the details of my workouts)
  2. Whole foods emphasizing fat, protein and fiber

I execute both of these without excuse. No, really. That’s the key: no excuses.

Obviously I run a growing business so that’s not all I can do in a given day. I work. A lot. Each morning I wake up and identify the single most important thing I need to do for Primal Potential. I do that first. I do that between waking and working out.

My willpower and focus is at its peak in the morning. I take advantage of that zone. I get my most important work done. I get my workout in. I plan my meals for the day. That’s it. Those are my top priorities so I make sure they’re taken care of first and foremost.

I get a lot of questions about about what I eat and I’ve done a few “What I Ate Wednesday” posts but today I thought I’d share some more specifics. Keep in mind that this is what works for me. This is based on my activity level, my hormones, foods I love and my time (or lack thereof) to prepare meals. It doesn’t mean it’s a meal plan for you but it might give you some ideas or a starting point.

Breakfast: I’m not much of a breakfast person. I wakeup early and those morning hours are my most productive of the day so I tend to hop right into the grind with my coffee. If I’m hungry, I’ll eat, but I’m usually not hungry in the morning. I’ll do some black coffee and then, on workout days, I’ll do some bulletproof coffee before my workout. Like I said though – if I want food I’ll eat food. I’d typically opt for:

  • Bacon, eggs & brussels sprouts
  • Baked egg in an avocado
  • Chia seed pudding (chia seeds, coffee, almond milk, stevia, cocoa powder)
  • Salmon & eggs


Lunch: Lunch and dinner are two big meals for me. I’m usually pretty hungry by lunch time, especially on my workout days. I don’t really snack much (just my personal preference and what works for me) so I want to make sure lunch and dinner really fill me up. I focus on foods I love but I don’t like having to cook in the middle of the day. Oftentime I’ll have leftovers from the night before. Otherwise, I’ll do something really simple that doesn’t require much prep.

  • Canned salmon with fresh veggies (tomato, cucumber)
  • Jimmy John’s Unwich (lettuce wrapped sandwich with turkey/bacon/avocado)
  • Large salad (4ish cups) with tons of veggies and salmon or chicken
  • Chipotle salad bowl (no rice or beans) with fajita veggies, chicken or steak, pico and guac


Dinner: I don’t follow very many recipes. For me, they take a bit more time than I prefer and they require obscure ingredients that I might not readily keep on hand (and are therefore often expensive). I tend to pick one of my favorite proteins and eat it along side one of my favorite veggies. My favorite proteins are salmon, steak, bison and chicken thighs. My fave veggies are brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower.

  • Chicken thighs in the crockpot with either veggies/chicken stock OR coconut milk/curry
  • Salmon cakes and brussels sprouts
  • Burgers (without the bun) topped with a fried egg and a side of veggies
  • Cauliflower rice and chipotle chicken
  • Salmon, mahi or haddock filet with veggies


If I’m eating out the same rules apply: meat + non-starchy veggie. Some of my faves include:

  • Burgers without the bun, especially with bacon or avocado (or both!)
  • Steaks with a salad or side of veggies (often both!)
  • Salmon and broccoli
  • A big, beautiful salad with steak or chicken

Like I mentioned, I’m not much of a snacker. I prefer to have a big meal that satisfies me for hours. Throughout my 140 lb weight loss I’ve really found that I need to de-emphasize the focus on food during the day and not snacking really helps with that. With that said,  if I’m hungry I’ll have a snack. Typically that would be a handful of almonds or a piece of cheese.

Are these details helpful? If you want more details, make sure to get on my free VIP email list. Do you have questions or are things unclear? Let me know and maybe I’ll do a Q&A post! Next week I’m planning to share my fitness and workout details. Are you guys cool with that plan? Lemme know!

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