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by | Oct 3, 2017 | Blog

Okay guys, it’s time for some real talk about those days when you wonder why you even bother trying to eat healthy or reach your goals.

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I’m nearing the end of this egg harvesting/freezing process. I’m pumping myself so full of a variety of hormones I can barely see straight.

When I went in for my ultrasound this morning, the ultrasound tech said, “I bet you’re feeling really, really….full.

I laughed and said, “That’s the perfect way to describe it! I feel like a fatted calf!

She said, “You kind of are! Think about it – every night you’re injecting a cocktail of hormones intended to inrease the size of your uterus & ovaries while dramatically stimulating egg production. It’s like being bloated times 1,000!

On the one hand, I’m glad to hear it’s normal to feel this way. On the other hand, it’s pretty uncomfortable so I’ll be glad when it’s over.

As I drove home, I was thinking about how in the past, this would have stressed me out like crazy.

The hormones are making me bigger! What if I’m putting on weight?! What if I’m not losing weight?

What’s the point of even trying to eat well if my body is doing whatever the heck it wants?

I’m so proud of the mindset changes I’ve created. This is one of those non-scale victories.

I don’t eat clean for the results it produces. I don’t workout for weight loss. 

I do it because of the way it makes me feel. 

I don’t avoid sugar & starch because I’m trying to lose weight.

I do it because I feel better when I do.

The reason I don’t get stressed out when my abdomen is thicker due to hormone injections because I’m committed to the process, not to the results.

When you decide to commit to the process, regardless of the results, the results take care of themselves.

I’m never going to throw in the towel if I’m not seeing results because I don’t do this work for the outcome. I do this work because I feel better when I do.

I’m happier, more confident, more energetic, more focused and more healthy when I eat well and move my body.

I want to feel my very best every day. I lived most of my years feeling crappy. I don’t want to choose or create that anymore.

Make choices that make you feel your very best and do it for that reason – feeling as good as you can possibly feel! 

I did plan to go to the gym today but my team at Boston IVF suggested I take it easy since I’m so close to the end of this cycle & my harvest. I decided to get a cup of coffee & go for a 5 mile walk. Honestly, I feel so much pressure and weight in my pelvis that walking is really all that feels “right” at this point, so I’m listening to my body.

Later in the day I did about 75 pushups and that felt pretty good.

On the food front:

After my dr appointment this morning I went to Whole Foods to get some bone broth. I had a few mugs of it throughout the morning.

Around noontime I made my cabbage salad bowl but it was a little different this time. I didn’t feel like cooking so I picked up some pre-cooked bacon & hardboiled eggs from the breakfast bar at Whole Foods and mixed that up with cabbage, cashews and Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo.

I made a little more time for dinner tonight and made salmon cakes with the Wild Planet wild Sockeye salmon I got from Thrive Market. It’s about 30% less per can than it would be if I bought the cans at Whole Foods! That’s huge!!

Here’s my favorite salmon cakes recipe. I love fresh salmon but for some reason, when making salmon cakes, I think they turn out better when using canned salmon.

In October 2019, our relationship with Thrive Market changed. They decided to put their marketing dollars in avenues outside of podcasting but we still think they’re a good choice if you’re looking to save money on health & personal care products.

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