Why You Should Consider Having A Coach

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Blog

I’m a big fan of having a coach. Regardless of the kind of change or improvement you’re trying to make, having a coach is, without question, one of a few things that can make creating change faster & easier.

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My business is most successful when I have a coach. My fitness level soars when I’m working with a coach. I recently hired a coach for my guitar playing. Could I learn on my own? Absolutely. Is it infinitely faster and easier with a coach? Of course! I’m learning from an expert, he holds me accountable and knowing that I’m working with someone prevents me from letting the guitar gather dust in the closet for 6 months (like it did last time when I didn’t have a coach!)

Having a coach prevents drifting.

I think this is one of the most important benefits. Life gets busy, right? Priorities shift. Motivation fades. Emotion gets in the way. When you have a coach, it’s like being tethered to your goal. You might fade a bit but you’re still connected so you won’t get too far from it. Without a coach, you could let a rough week turn into a few months (or years) of settling for less than what you want and not making progress. I’ve certainly experienced that. Having a coach keeps you in the game.

A coach will point out your blind spots.

We all have blind spots. There are things we are doing, right now, that are holding us back. Sure, we know many of them but we don’t know all of them. When you’re trying to create change in your life, it’s kinda like you’re in a maze and you can only see what’s right in front of you and a bit of what is behind you. Even what you can see is understood through the filter of your assumptions and experiences. You’re biased. Having a coach is like having someone in a helicopter above your maze. They aren’t biased. They aren’t emotional about your situation. They can save you a lot of wrong turns when you lean on their guidance. It’s a major time & effort saver.

A coach provides accountability.

Let me first say: there is NOTHING more powerful and transformative than being accountable to yourself. We all want to get to a point where keeping our word to ourselves is more important than our word to someone else. However, that’s a process and most of us aren’t quite there yet. As we learn to trust ourselves and keep the promises we make to ourselves, there’s no doubt that external accountability can be a serious lifeline.

I’ll share with you one thing I’ve learned about having a coach: choose someone who you trust. If you don’t trust & respect your coach, you won’t let them help you. You’ll resist and resent the relationship.

And, as tough as this can be sometimes, choose someone who won’t handle you with kid gloves. A coach is not a cheerleader. Where you might let yourself off the hook with excuses and exceptions, a coach is going to bring those things into the light and help you face them honestly. That isn’t always comfortable, but it is incredibly powerful.

Last week I shared my own coaching style and how I work with my clients. It’s certainly not for everyone but this seminar will give you some insight into if it’s right for you. My coaching program kicks off on April 1st and registration closes tomorrow! You can learn more about it here

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