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by | Dec 26, 2017 | Blog

It’s the day after Christmas! I hope you had an amazing day!

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My pre-Christmas dinner strategy was on point for sure.

  • I got up early and worked for a few hours.
  • I worked out at home with my sister.
  • My first meal was around noon – a shared charcuterie board with nuts, meat & cheese.
  • I skipped the bread at Christmas dinner, and the booze, in favor of cookies and ice cream (dessert is more worth it to me than alcohol or starch)

But I definitely had those cookies & ice cream. And a chocolate covered pretzel. They were delish. No drama, no guilt.

I find that it’s super important to have a post-holiday strategy. Not rules, not restrictions, just a clear sense of how I’ll make myself feel amazing the day after indulging.

Surely my energy will be a bit lower than normal today and my cravings a bit higher – those are pretty predictable responses to the sugar I had last night.

My strategy always includes a few components:

  1. movement
  2. nutrition
  3. hydration
  4. mindset
  5. sleep

I can’t get to the gym today because of a conflict between the limited holiday hours and my work schedule, but I can workout at home. Ready for this one? I am!

  • 100 kettlebell swings
  • 100 goblet squats (with the kettlebell)
  • 100 push-ups

I’ll complete the entire workout as fast as possible, resting only when I have to.

As for nutrition: I have plenty of fuel in my system. Put plainly: I ate more than my body needed yesterday. That’s totally fine, I’m not mad about it, but it means my body doesn’t need as much fuel today. I have a holiday dinner tonight so I’m planning to fast until dinner. This is not a punishment for eating cookies last night, it’s just a simple response to the fact that my body doesn’t need more fuel right now. It has plenty from yesterday.

Hydration: Other than a couple cans of La Croix, I didn’t drink much water yesterday. Today, I’ll prioritize hydration. I’ve already filled up my Yeti tumbler with water and I’ll make sure to drink three of them today, at a minimum.

Mindset: I’m expecting cravings. As they come, I’ll remind myself that I had plenty of sugar yesterday and while yes, it tastes great, it doesn’t make me feel great. I want to feel amazing. Today I’m making choices based on how I want to feel. Less is more. Choose less.

Sleep: I will be in bed by 10pm tonight.

Remember: you are only a few great choices away from feeling amazing! Make one great choice at a time!

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