Year of Push 2.3 What’s the Next Smallest Step?

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Blog

Hey guys, if you’re new to these posts, listen to this podcast episode to get the scoop on what changes I’m making in my life and you can start back at my first daily post here.

I woke up ready to tackle this day! I got another night of solid sleep & I’m super grateful for it!

I decided to get my workout in early and headed to the gym around 7am.

I spent 15 minutes foam rolling, stretching and doing general mobility work before a strength workout.

Today’s workout is a challenging one, but certainly not a burner.

“Upper Deck”
Overhead Squat – Build to a Heavy Single
Snatch Balance – Build to a Heavy Single
Squat Snatch – Build to a Heavy Single

These are not my strongest lifts by any stretch of the imagination.

Deadlift, back squat & front squat? I’m your girl, all day long.

Overhead squat? Squat snatch? Helllllp! I’m still working on the mechanics of the movements.

I took my time, focused on my breathing, speed & form and didn’t worry as much about going heavy.

I left feeling like I had made serious improvements. That makes me happy!

It’s super normal to doubt yourself in a workout (and outside the gym as well). Maybe there’s a move that you feel apprehensive about. Maybe you dread burpees or pull-ups. Maybe you think you’ll never get your first double under or even make it through your first workout at a new gym.

I get that.

I felt a lot of doubt about adding weight every.single.time during the squat snatch portion of this workout.

But when I feel or hear that voice of doubt, I’ll ask myself, “what’s the smallest next step?”

Put the weight on the bar. I can do that.

Fear. Doubt. Can I make the lift?

What’s the smallest next step?

Approach the bar and get in my first position.

Okay, that I can do.

But can I pull it? Will I fail the rep?

What’s the smallest next step?

Big full in-breath, tighten that core.

Got it.

In the gym or out of the gym, talk yourself out of fear & doubt by identifying & taking only the smallest next step.

It reminds me of a quote I posted on Instagram this morning…

Give no power to your doubt.

On the food front:

I don’t know what I’m in the mood for today. I’ll tell you what though: drinking more water is doing me a world of good! I’ve noticed a serious difference in my skin!

Around 1pm (earlier than normal since my workout was earlier today) I mixed up a can of salmon with a tbsp of Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo & some salt. Yup, it’s simple but I was in the middle of a project and wanted to eat something before my dental appointment.

I love fresh salmon filets but I use canned salmon for fast meals and/or salmon cakes. I do make sure it’s wild caught and I prefer brands with skin & bone included for the added vitamins & minerals. Don’t worry, if you mash it with a fork the bones dissolve completely.

For those of you who are wondering about the size of the can, it’s the same size as a can of tuna. You can buy larger cans, but today’s meal was a small can.

After my dental appointment I ran over to Chipotle to get a salad for dinner. Here’s what I ordered:

  • Salad to go
  • No rice
  • No beans
  • Fajita veggies (peppers & onions)
  • Chicken
  • Pico & guac

After I finished the salad I had a handful of cashews simply because they sounded good & I wanted them. 🙂

I hope you guys have a great day! Remember – don’t doubt your power! It gives power to your doubts!

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