Year of Push 3.19 The Biggest Lie

by | Jun 9, 2017 | Blog

This has been a hard week. My schedule has been crazy. I am undoubtedly stressed, tired and a bit oversensitive as a result. I woke up this morning determined to take things one at a time, breathe slowly and be patient with myself & my day.

I nearly burst into tears when I read the powerful comments of one of my one-on-one clients. They didn’t make me sad – they made me so happy & proud to work with such determined people.

He gave me permission to share his words with you guys. I’m not going to paraphrase because he says it so well.

Honest to God: it IS that simple. It’s mindset.

I can go into this day focusing on everything that has gone wrong and how stressed & tired I am. I can go into this day telling myself “What does it matter? Eff it all” and that will dramatically influence my choices, my attitude and my experience of this day.

Or, I can go into this day choosing to be excited about all the chances that will present themselves – chances that show up as opportunities for me to make progress towards my goals.

It’s not easy. It is simple.

After an exhausting & stress-filled meeting I ran into Target. As I walked through the aisles I thought about the opportunity to escape – to buy lots of treats and escape into them for a while.

I recognize those thoughts as a way that doesn’t work for me. As a way that leaves me feeling even more stressed & tired. As a way that doesn’t even come close to creating my best life.

Mindset. I chose to focus on the opportunity inherent in this day to create a life I love. I reminded myself that it feels amazing to feel amazing and that I always feel better when I make great choices than when I make not-so-great choices.

I walked out of Target with paper towels, toilet paper, avocado oil and dixie cups (the dixie cups are for icing my legs).

I felt really proud of my effort in my workout today.

1,000m Row
50 Thrusters (45#)
30 Pull-ups

I was super proud of my thrusters. I broke the set of 50 at 20 and 25 for about 5-10 seconds each but otherwise powered through! I expected smaller sets but I pushed for max effort. Feels so great!

On the food front:

I’m hungry today. I’m hungrier than normal because I didn’t sleep well last night.

I had to go straight to a meeting from the gym so I didn’t get to eat until about 1pm! No bueno for this hungry girl! Thank goodness I’ve learned that my hunger isn’t an an emergency!

When I could eat I had a cobb salad from Paleo Power Meals. I LOVE that salad.

My eating windows are totally off today with my schedule so I had an odd “lunch” of macadamia nuts and grilled chicken around 4pm and dinner wasn’t until 8:30p! I rarely eat that late but today called for it.

Dinner was an old standby – a salad from Chipotle Mexican Grill. I order a salad with no rice, no beans, chicken, pico & guacamole. Yum!

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend! See you Monday!

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