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You know, I’m a little heated today. We’ll call it passionate. It happens often.

After my workout today, I stayed at the gym to do some skill work towards a particular fitness goal I have.

The workout was really challenging & I was tired. I was hungry & absolutely would have preferred to head right home to eat. But, I didn’t. I stayed and I kept working because this goal matters to me and I know it takes effort – daily effort.

I stepped away from the crowds of the gym and did the work on my own. I didn’t do it to impress anyone. I didn’t do it to get credit from my coach, it was for me.

While I worked, I realized that this was a goal I hoped to hit in April. Here it is, almost July, and I haven’t made it yet.

Does that frustrate me? No. Does it make me work less hard because, “what’s the point?” No.

I’m making progress. I’m stronger and more agile today than I was last month & the month before.

Setting a goal is arbitrary. That date you pick by which you hope to lose 10 lbs or run a mile without walking or fit into those jeans – it’s a target. It’s a hope. It’s a starting point.

It blows my mind how many people lose heart & throttle back when they don’t hit it.

You have to persevere. You have to do work. You cannot quit and expect to arrive.

You know, when I was in the process of paying off $130K in debt, not one single month went according to plan. I didn’t hit the expected payoff on ANY month along our 18-24 month journey. Not once.

You know what though? We were still making progress.

And if you’re not making progress: change your actions. Do the work. Get more consistent. Get more strategic, or all of the above.

Please, stop wasting energy being dramatic about your missed deadlines or disappointing choices.

Move on. Do work.

If you aren’t getting stronger, leaner or whatever your goal is: do work. Ask for help. Get a coach. Increase your consistency.

But for the love, stop making excuses and being a victim of your own choices. It’s a terrible waste of energy and potential and it certainly won’t help you create the life you want.

Do work. Then do it again. Pay attention to your results and keep showing up to do the work.

And while you’re at it: make it fun. Recruit your friends. Try new recipes, wear a new style of clothes, get a new hairstyle, try a new type of workout.

Whatever you do, stop getting so dramatic about your timelines. Make progress, do work, have fun, repeat.

That workout today…I am PROUD of it!

“Up Front”
Front Squat – Heavy Single
Push Press – Heavy Single
Thruster – Heavy Single

EMOMx 10:
Odd Minutes: 200m Run
Even Minutes – 5 Thrusters

I was super proud of my heavy front squat & my push press & thrusters are coming along beautifully. I did decide to adjust the EMOM to align more with my personal fitness goals. Instead of a 200m run, I did a 100m sprint. I cared more about speed and heart rate than distance for this workout and it ended up being a perfect choice for me!

On the food front:

After my workout I had greek yogurt with cacao and cashews for breakfast  – oh man did this hit the spot! I don’t do a lot of dairy but I really enjoy it when I do!

Around noon time I had a cobb salad from Paleo Power Meals and I added extra grilled chicken to it to make sure it really satisfied me completely until dinner.

Dinner was the Paleo Power Meals special of the week – pork short ribs with cabbage. I absolutely LOVE cabbage and was pumped to see it as part of the special this week! Nom nom nom. I love food!

If you try Paleo Power Meals, be sure to use the coupon code ebprimal20 to save 20% on your first order! And definitely let me know what you love most!

PS: If you’re new to these posts, listen to this podcast episode to get the scoop on what changes I’m making in my life and you can start back at my first daily post here.

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