Year of Push 4.22 Rulers of the Weak

by | Jul 26, 2017 | Blog

“Circumstances are the rulers of the weak.”

We only let our circumstances get in the way of things we’ve decided aren’t that important. Working out. Eating well. Getting enough sleep. Otherwise, we find a way. We make it work.

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We don’t fail to pick up our kids from school because it’s been a crazy day at work. Why? Because it matters.

I am not here to say that you’re a weak person. But, when we let ourselves be governed by our circumstances, we’re exercising weak will. Weak intent. Weak heart.

I’ve been surprised by how many people have said to me how impressive it is that I’m still going to the gym every day even though I have to stay off my right leg.

I didn’t even really think about it. I just go because that’s what I do. That’s the habit I’ve built. Because all the reasons for me to workout daily still exist and because one minor injury doesn’t change my overall ability.

But I guess it’s true – it would be very easy to use my injury, a circumstance, as a way to justify not going.

There will always be a way to justify not doing something. The question is: will you continue to accept those justifications?

Make a decision & find a way. “The way” won’t always look like you thought it would but that doesn’t mean you don’t have options.

I’ve shared before that when I was getting out of debt, not one single month went according to plan. So what? I adjusted the plan and did what I could.

Adjust your plan. Don’t surrender.

We all have stressful days. We all experience illness, injury or a bad night of sleep.

There is still a way. It might not look how you thought it would, but there is always a way.

Speaking of finding a way…today’s workout made me happy.

Traditional deadlifts are out for me because the setup requires a bit of a squat which aggravates me knee. However, stiff-legged deadlifts seem to be in play! Here’s how today’s workout went down:

EMOM 5 #1

3 moderate weight deadlifts

EMOM 5 #2

1 heavy deadlift


1 deadlift

130 m row (one leg only – described in the audio)

2 deadlifts

130 m row

(deadlifts keep climbing until time expires)

The EMOMs mean “every minute on the minute for 5 minutes”. It was a solid workout for being so limited!

On the food front:

Greek yogurt with unsweetened cacao powder after my workout followed by a steak salad and lots of sparkling water.

I’m excited for dinner – it’s cauliflower crust pizza night! Some of my Masters Club clients have been posting their cauliflower pizza from my 2015 recipe and they’re inspired me to make it! Here’s one of the ones posted in the group! Doesn’t this make you want it!?

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