Year of Push 4.5 There’s No Peer Pressure

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Blog

Food pushers are only an issue if you let them be. I get it: you’re trying to make good choices and someone(s) keeps encouraging you to “live a little“.

Is it fun? No, it’s not. Is it a problem? Only if you make it one.

Can someone encourage you to eat? Yes. Can someone tease you about trying to make great choices? Of course. But can they choose for you? Can they put food in your mouth? No.

Who loses if you’re making food choices based on the comments of others? You do.

Here’s what I’ve found: it gets as much attention as I give it. Other peoples’ opinions about the way or what I eat only gets as much attention as I give it.

If I act like it’s no big deal and don’t get into big explanations or justifications, they get bored of the topic quickly.

For example, if someone offers me cake (which happened today), I can say “no” in two ways:

  1. “Aw man, I shouldn’t. I’m trying to be good. It looks amazing though! I’m trying to lose weight.”
  2. “No, thank you.”

With the first response, I’m creating a conversation where there doesn’t need to be one. I’m essentially inviting them to participate in a conversation about the way I eat. They might feel bad that I feel like I’m missing out and push even harder. That’s their response to me.

Now, could someone continue to push even after I say “no, thank you”? Of course. But do I have to continue to say no and defend my choice? Sure don’t.

It’s only a conversation if you participate in it. 

In reality, people care more about themselves and their choices than they do about ours. Say no and then let it go.

You don’t have to engage in a conversation, you don’t have to explain.

If you do, that’s your choice, but it can be a whole lot simpler.

And, with the people closest to you, they’ll stop pushing after you’re consistent for a while. When you’re consistent, they know your answer before you give it.

Today was my mom’s birthday and I met up with her for lunch. After lunch we presented her with her favorite cake. I said, “no thanks”.

There’s no pressure unless I get caught up in what other people say or how other people react. What they think of my food choices isn’t my business or my problem.

I’ll tell you what – this morning’s workout was brutal. I was sucking wind in the last round and thought I might throw up. It felt great when it was over though!

“Air Ball”
4 Rounds:
21 Wallballs (20/14)
18 Calorie Row
15 Box Jumps (24/20″)
12 DB Snatches (50/35)

It was a fantastic way to start the day because I’m feeling really proud of my effort & I’ll sleep like a baby tonight!

On the food front:

I knew I was meeting up with my mom for lunch so I chose not to eat before hand. Restaurant meals tend to be larger and more energy dense than what I’d eat at home.

I ordered grilled salmon over salt & pepper cabbage. It came with roasted potatoes and I had 3-4 bites of the potatoes.

We then went for a couple mile walk before I had to get back to work.

Later that afternoon I had a Paleo Power Meals cobb salad and a bit after that I had a large bowl of plain greek yogurt.

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