Year of Push 1.6 Show Up & Grow Up

by | Mar 6, 2017 | Blog

Hey guys, if you’re new to these posts, listen to this podcast episode to get the scoop on what changes I’m making in my life and you can start back at my first daily post here.

Did you miss me this weekend? I hope you had a great one! I got in a solid workout Saturday morning and took Sunday off. I’m ready to bring full effort to a new week!

I’ll be in North Carolina Monday-Friday next week so I want to enjoy every second of my “new routine” before stepping out of it for several days  next week. (For the scoop on my NC adventures and the fast I’ll be attempting, listen to this episode.)

Up & at ’em a few minutes before 5am today for the work hustle and all the coffee.

Today was one of those days when my internal dialogue is fighting against growth & change. Internal dialogue is fighting for easy street. For me, it sounded something like this:

You can workout from home today

You’re tired, maybe you should rest

You haven’t been sleeping well, stay home

Hit hard tomorrow. Take it easy today

Here’s what I know, however: my thoughts don’t direct me.

I am not a slave to my thoughts. My internal dialogue is not my master.

I direct my thoughts. I control my actions and my life.

I kept the mental redirect simple:

Show up & grow up.

That’s all.

I’m not gonna lie. It was a tough workout. It looks easy on paper but the suck factor sneaks up on you. It gets spicy just a few minutes in.

Sure, the first few rounds were easy street but when I got to the 12s and 15s, it started to suck. Then it sucked harder.

But it’s over now and I’m glad I did it.


Ascending ladder

3 kettlebell swings (35#)

3 goblet squats (35#)

3 burpees

6 kettlebell swings

6 goblet squats

6 burpees

continue increasing by 3s until time expires

(AMRAP 12 means as many rounds as possible for 12 minutes)

My glutes are still pretty sore from Friday’s lunge-fest so I might do some light rowing tonight followed by foam rolling and sitting on the lacrosse ball to loosen things up and be ready for anything tomorrow.

Here’s a little insight into the way I think:

A friend of mine texted me earlier and asked me my plan for the rest of the day. I said I had a ton of work to do and I might try to get in a rowing workout later in the evening.

Actually – I’ll tell you exactly how the text exchange went down:

Friend: “What does the rest of your day look like?”

Me: “Workout here in 10 min or so & then an ass ton of work. Maybe a second workout tonight. In fact, yes, definitely that. Not maybe”

If I had made it optional, it wouldn’t have happened. If it was based on how I felt, it wouldn’t have happened.

Sure enough, I didn’t want to do the 2nd workout. It was cold outside, I was comfortable & in a good work groove.

But since I made the decision earlier, I made it happen.

No maybes.

On the food front:

I’m intentionally eating a bit lighter today since the workout was hard but not heavy and because there was plenty of food (and a few drinks) over the weekend.

I went into the workout fasted and it felt good.

I whipped up a super fast lunch around 2pm after my workout. I’m feeling kind of behind in my work so I wanted something delicious but quick.

I mixed up 1 can of salmon with some Primal Kitchen Chipotle Mayo, celery and tomatoes. It’s one of my fave fast meals. I’m not a brand loyalist with the salmon but I try for the wild caught with skin & bones. The bones are very soft so when you mash it with a fork, they dissolve. You don’t even know they are there but they’re a great source of minerals.

Easy street on the food front continues for dinner – I cooked up a bag of cauli rice, added in a couple crumbled strips of bacon and put two eggs-over-easy on top. Fast, flavorful & fat loss friendly. The way I like it.

Love you guys! Excited to bring my best effort tomorrow & share it with you!

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