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by | Jun 30, 2017 | Blog

The other day on Instagram, I shared advice from Marcus Aurelius. Meditations, a publication of his personal journals, begins with him recounting some of the best advice he received from friends, family & teachers. Some of my favorites include:

  • hear unwelcome truths
  • be a man of both strength & flexibility
  • self control & resistance to distractions
  • if I’ve failed it’s no one’s fault but mine
  • do my own work, mind my own business & have no time for slanderers.

In that Instagram post, I asked others to share some of the best advice they have received. One of my favorites was “nothing beats a failure like a try”.

Nothing beats a failure like a try.

When you’re feeling down, when you feel like you’ve dropped the ball or failed, respond by trying. Try again, try harder & never stop trying.

We all have these pieces of sage advice, but what are we doing with them. Are they just clever sound bites? To what extend does your behavior reflect this advice.

Put it to action.

As always, life served up a great chance for me to practice today. This workout was a heck of a lot harder than it looked and my grip was really taxed after just the first round.

“Get a Grip”
15 Toes-to-Bar
15 Hand Release-Push-ups
150m KB Farmers Carry (70’s/53’s)

My hands were burning and my forearms were cramping. I kept telling myself: you don’t have to stop, you just want to. One more step. One more second. The workout begins when it gets hard. The work begins when you want to quit. That’s when it begins to count!

On the food front:

I have no issue eating non-breakfast foods at breakfast time. I think it’s probably because I get up so early and don’t eat until 4-6 hours after I wake. Maybe in my mind, it seems like lunch.

Anyways, after my workout, around 10am I had pork short ribs & sautéed cabbage. It’s the Paleo Power Meals weekly special & I absolutely love it.

Around 1pm I had a cobb salad and then was out of the house for several hours. While I was out, I grabbed a bag of Rhythm Naked Beet Chips. You guessed it – they’re dried beets. I don’t do a whole lot of starchy veggies (I feel best when minimizing them) but these were good. Of course, if you don’t like beets, you won’t like these, but I’ll grab them again in a pinch! (I’m never really “in a pinch” – it’s not going to kill me or even hurt me to go several hours without food. But I’d eat them again if I wanted a snack).

When I got home around 6:30pm so I had chicken & broccoli with cauli rice and some Halo Top ice cream.

After a solid day of training and choices I’m proud of, I’m feeling pretty darn good!

PS: If you’re new to these posts, listen to this podcast episode to get the scoop on what changes I’m making in my life and you can start back at my first daily post here.

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