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This Might Be Why Progress Feels So Hard

Sometimes when we talk about money, weight, fitness or relationships, it's hard to take in critical lessons because we're subconsciously defensive. They can be touchy subjects, especially if you're in place where progress feels so hard and like such a battle. In those...

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There’s Nothing Wrong with You

For years, I assumed there must be something wrong with me. I had these clear goals and intentions and they were super important to me, but I kept shoving them off and making choices that ran directly counter to what I said I wanted. It could be as simple as wanting...

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All Success People Do This

(And You Probably Aren't Doing it Enough) If there was a drinking game or a bingo card inside The Consistency Course, you'd win (or get wasted) if you had "successful people ask for help". The dramatic majority of us aren't doing it enough. If you'll bear with me, I...

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Why You’re Struggling with Consistency

If you're anything like me, struggling with consistency is frustrating. It used to drive me crazy that I could want a goal so desperately, establish a clear plan to get there and then continue to make excuses and let myself off the hook. Not long ago I implemented a...

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What I’m Addressing with My Functional Medicine Doctor

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning if you click through and purchase, I might earn a small commission. Also: I'm sharing my experience and this should in no way be considered medical advice. Consult your doctor for all medical issues.  If...

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What Not To Say To a Person in Grief

My friend Suzie and I have bonded over many conversations about what not to say to a person who is grieving. A lot of these conversations have been marked with a bonding laughter and others with raw emotion and frustration. In episode 1095 of the Primal Potential...

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Balance As A Work From Home Mom

Is there such thing as "balance" as a work from home mom? Or, for that matter, as a stay at home mom? A mom working outside the home? Let me start by telling you that I think the typical impression of "balance" is horse shit. I don't believe balance is about making...

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My Experience with Levels Continuous Glucose Monitor

This blog includes affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you use this links. My affiliate status does not impact the price you pay.  I swore I'd never wear a continuous glucose monitor. No, really. In past years, several people have asked me what I...

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