What People Are Saying About Chasing Cupcakes

by | Jan 19, 2019 | Blog

Most people don’t read books. That absolutely blows my mind and here’s why:

NOTHING has helped me help myself more than reading has.

To change my patterns of behavior (binge eating, over spending, making excuses, being lazy), I had to change the way I thought.

But HOW do you change the way you think when the way you’ve always thought is, simply, the only way you know how to think?!

For me, exposing myself to other people’s ideas, perspectives and strategies was the most powerful way to break through my own broken & dysfunctional thought patterns.

I’m on a MISSION to encourage people to read more and, of course, I’d love for you to start with Chasing Cupcakes! In fact, you can even LISTEN to it on Audible! Start easy! If you can listen to music or a podcast or the radio, you can listen to a book!

If it helps, I thought I’d share with you what people are saying about Chasing Cupcakes. You can also check out answers to the common questions I’ve been asked about it here.








































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