Year of Push 1.15 Just Kidding!

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Blog

Hey guys, if you’re new to these posts, listen to this podcast episode to get the scoop on what changes I’m making in my life and you can start back at my first daily post here.

This week is going to look a little different because I’m fasting and adjusting my workouts accordingly. If you want to understand what my fast is and why I’m doing it, listen to episodes 300 and 307 of the Primal Potential Podcast. Things will return to the normal nutrition & fitness push next week. 


My alarm first went off around 4:30a and I stretched in bed until a few minutes before 5. I have the hiccups, which is likely due to the fast. It’s making me more aware of my empty stomach.

As I write this, I’m just over 90 hours into the fast. Ella isn’t up yet and I’m fairly desperate for coffee.

I’m hungry but not unmanageably so. I have a bit of a headache but otherwise I feel surprisingly normal. I slept really well last night, which is great because I’ve had some trouble sleeping this week.

I am NOT going to workout today. I originally planned to workout only on day 1 of the fast but I’ve worked out every day so far.

I want to see if there is a difference in my energy & hunger without a workout.


Agony! Ella is still sleeping & I am dyyyyying for coffee! Super excited for her to wake up so I can have some! I basically NEVER wait to have coffee after waking. My first stop after the bathroom is the coffee pot! This would be a tough delay when not fasting but it’s practically impossible when fasting!


Best part of my day is that Ella is rested & I have coffee! Two wins!


Feeling hungry but the brain fog is gone, thank goodness! I feel like my normal “work self” again, which is so wonderful. I have learned some really powerful lessons during this fast & I’ll be recording a podcast this afternoon to share them!

I need to take a minute & express overwhelming love & gratitude for my girl Ella over at On Air with Ella. She made this fast possible. So, all the lessons I’m taking away from this, I owe to her. Thanks for being my friend and taking me on this adventure with you! So much love!

10:44am (that’s it? this day is crawling!)

Hot lemon water with salt to the rescue. I have the hiccups again, I’m sure due to the fast, and it’s making it tough to do voice notes. I’m recording a podcast in a bit so I need to make them go away!


Just got back from a 50 min walk in the cold air. I needed to get some fresh air, get out of the house and move my body. Deciding not to workout today is right for my body with the fast, but I still need to move or I get a little crazy!

We will hit the 5 day mark tomorrow morning & have decided to break our fast tonight, together, since tomorrow AM doesn’t logistically work with my flight schedule & Ella’s work schedule.

I’ll share with you the same update I posted in our private Facebook group.

That’s the key: do you & no drama!


Just kidding! We’ve decided not to break our fast tonight after all. Seriously.

Here’s what happened: we went over to Thrive Integrative in Winston Salem for some treatments. Ella had the detoxifying foot bath (INSANE! She’ll be talking more about this on her podcast soon) and I hung out in the infrared sauna (more on that in a second).

When we were driving home, we were chatting about how day 4+ (we hit the 4 day mark a few hours ago) has been the best day so far. Mental fog has cleared, hunger is present but tolerable, energy is good. We agreed that if it weren’t for my am flight, we’d totally keep going until tomorrow night.

Long story short, we’re going to break our fast prior to my flight tomorrow morning. Not the timing we hoped for (we both don’t love eating earlier in the day) but we want to capitalize on this good feeling.

So. The fast continues.

That infrared sauna though! My first question was, “How is this different from a regular sauna?”

In short, the infrared technology assists with detoxification benefits beyond what a standard sauna delivers.

It was great! I spent 10 minutes, prior to the sauna, standing on what are essentially vibrating plates to assist with lymph drainage and then I spent about 37 minutes in the sauna.

I’ve been a regular sauna user in the past but this felt different, not because of the infrared but because of the fast. My heart rate was absolutely elevated beyond normal and I chose to stay seated the whole time to help keep it steady and comfortable.


I decided to test my blood sugar for the first time this fast. I’m breaking the fast in the AM (currently around 130 hours into it) and my blood sugar was 79. Granted this is an evening read, after a sauna and having had black coffee & water. To help me continue feeling great, I’m having about 5 oz of beef bone broth.


I am sooooo looking forward to eating tomorrow morning! Thanks for all the love & support! I’m headed to BED.

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