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I got the best card in the mail yesterday. One of my client-friends (it’s not fair to call her a client because she really has become a friend in the process) sent me a fantastic thank you note. In addition to being super thoughtful, it made me laugh & I knew I had to share the story with you guys!

As you can see, she suggests that when I write a book there should be a chapter titled “Tim Ferriss was never a fat girl.” I think she’s exactly right & I’ll tell you why.

The client who sent this card is a rockstar. In the past couple of years, she has dramatically changed her body, her health and her whole life. I’m not sure how much weight she has lost, but I’d guess somewhere between 50-80 lbs.

At some point in the past couple months, however, she began to struggle. She wasn’t as enthusiastic about her goals, she was getting bored with food and she stopped doing a lot of the things that had created her success and momentum.

She reached out for some guidance and I suggested we hop on the phone and chat about it. I asked her what kinds of things had changed – what things she had stopped doing that she knows worked for her in the past.

One change she mentioned was the incorporation of “cheat days“. It wasn’t something she had done before but, after a tremendous amount of progress, she read The 4-Hour Body (by Tim Ferriss) and decided to adopt his idea of a cheat day where you can eat anything you want for a day.

After the cheat day, she was struggling to get back to fat loss friendly choices. Since introducing cheat days, she was indulging in more things, more often. Her progress stalled and she didn’t feel in control of her choices.

After listening to a bit more of her predicament, I told her that I too had read The 4-Hour Body and I have no doubt that Tim’s strategies work for him. But, Tim Ferriss was never a fat girl.

Tim Ferriss didn’t struggle with obesity, with food obsession or with the things that go along with both.

Just because it works for Tim, a white guy with a lean build, doesn’t mean it will (or even should) work for you.

I’m not picking on Tim Ferriss – this is true for anyone. Just because a particular food strategy works for that beautiful fitness model you follow on Instagram doesn’t mean it will or should work for you.

Here’s what matters: is it working for you? Are you getting the results you want with that strategy?

In the case of this client-friend of mine, she could be totally convinced that there’s merit to a cheat day and she can find 1,000 people who swear it works for them. None of that matters. It wasn’t working for her. So, it’s not for her.

Don’t distract yourself with what works for other people. We have different backgrounds, different mindset, different metabolisms, different hormonal imbalances. All that matters is what works for YOU.

Not what should work for you, not what could work for you, what DOES work for you.

What gets you results, makes you feel amazing and is sustainable.

Got it?

Unapologetic non sequitur…

Today’s workout was absolutely awesome in all the right ways!

“Hang Tough”
27 Hang Power Cleans (115/80)
27 Wallballs (20/14#)
27 Calorie Bike
Rest 4:00

21 Hang Power Cleans (115/80)
21 Wallballs (20/14#)
21 Calorie Bike
Rest 4:00

15 Hang Power Cleans (115/80)
15 Wallballs
15 Calorie Bike

The 4-minute cycle was just enough to allow for speed & intensity while being able to recover before going hard again. I loved it!

I also did 5 rounds of a 100-cal cycle on my Airdyne bike throughout the day at home. I’m so glad I got my new toy!

On the food front:

I had a couple cups of cold brew coffee before my workout and then picked up a coffee with a splash of heavy cream on my way home from the gym.

I forced myself to get through a couple work projects before having “breakfast” which was a smoothie with almond milk, cacao powder, coffee & raspberries.

Why fruit in the morning? Because I really pushed hard on those hang power cleans today and I thought it would be a nice recovery meal. Golden Rules = carbs at night OR post workout.

I had steak and veggies from Paleo Power Meals in the early afternoon & dinner was a cobb salad with grilled chicken (I added extra chicken).

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