Why I Gave Myself A Temporary Tattoo


When I walked into the gym at 5:36am today, I grabbed a Sharpie and gave myself a large, temporary tattoo. Across my forearm in capital letters I wrote: RWH. If you'd rather listen to this blog than read it, please click here. It's Thanksgiving here in the US and my alarm was set for 3:50am. My coffee pot was set for the same time. I didn't hit snooze. I stopped ...Read More

418: Tactics & Mindset For IMMEDIATE Change


Do not wish away the rest of the year. Do not wish away the rest of the day so you can get to your fresh start tomorrow. We've got to work together to completely eliminate this notion of starting tomorrow, Monday, after vacation or at the first of the year. Today we are talking about 3 strategies you can implement to make the last 6 weeks of the year the ...Read More

The Habit of “Not Enough”


I recently started reading The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist and was so moved when she talked about "the lie of scarcity". If you'd rather listen to this blog than read it, please click here.  She talks about how "not enough" is such a habitual pattern of thought that most of us don't even notice it. We wake up thinking that we didn't get enough sleep. We don't have ...Read More

My Fave Holiday Stocking Stuffers


In my family, we're into holiday stockings. My mom still makes up a stocking for me each Christmas and when I was married, my ex-husband & I exchanged stockings. It's a tradition I'll continue forever! Growing up, my stocking was full of candy & toys. In the last few years, my mom has played it safe by skipping the candy and filling my stocking with socks, candles, dental floss, dish ...Read More

417: Health Hack for Metabolism, Wrinkles & Energy


Most of us aren't taking advantage of a huge tool at our disposal: light. Light has the ability to increase our metabolism, speed our healing, reduce inflammation, increase energy and much more. Yet, we take it for granted. We think using light is quackery. It's not. Try to grow a plant in the dark. Overexpose a plant to light. See what happens. Light is a super-nutrient, as important to human ...Read More

How To Reduce Cellulite

Let's talk about cellulite. I have it. Most people do. Honestly, it's not a huge deal (unless you make it one). Hell, it's not even a small deal. If you'd rather listen to this blog than read it, please click here.  Are there things you can do to reduce cellulite? Yes. Will you probably have some regardless of what you do? Yes. Is it worth being miserable & insecure? No! ...Read More

How To Listen To The Primal Potential Podcast


You can absolutely listen to the Primal Potential podcast right here on this site. But, there are lots of other places where you subscribe, listen and have the episodes automatically download to your device. No matter where you listen, the Primal Potential podcast is totally free! If you choose to listen here on primalpotential.com, you'll find every episode under the Podcast tab of the site. Each episode has it's own ...Read More

416: Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas


The holidays are fast approaching and today I'm sharing some healthy holiday gift ideas including what I'll be gifting and what my wish-list looks like! To check out all my gift ideas, including the gift I'm giving myself to reduce cellulite, listen to the full episode! Listen Now Download Episode Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas Books The Ketogenic Bible I Am John Galt The Obstacle Is The Way The Traveler's Gift Zen ...Read More

Are You In The Way Or On The Way?


Are you in the way or on the way? If you'd rather listen to this blog than read it, please click here. Look at the things that matter most to you: Your relationships, your health, your career, your goals in any arena - are you on the way or are you in the way? Are you doing the work to make progress or are you making excuses, exceptions & other ...Read More

Act Your Way To Positive Thinking


You can try to think your way to positive acting, but you'll find it much more effective to act your way to positive thinking. If you'd rather listen to this blog than read it, please click here. In today's podcast, episode 415, I shared that powerful quote from Dan Clark: It's easier to act your way to positive thinking than think your way to positive acting. This has been a ...Read More

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