It’s time for us to get serious about breaking barriers that stand between you and the life you want. It’s time to tear down the walls, the hurdles, the perceived traps that keep you from being the person you want to be – from living the life you want to live.

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I’d love to start by sharing one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made. Most of you know that I struggled with my weight for nearly all my life. From the day I was born until just a few years ago, my weight was a constant source of frustration, worry & shame.

Though I was getting heavier and heavier, I was obsessed with weight loss. I read every diet book. I saw nutritionists, joined Weight Watchers, had a personal trainer – and this was all before high school.

Regardless, my weight climbed. The pattern continued in high school, through college and after.

It seemed like every week was another diet. Another plan. 21-day this. 30-day that.

While the strategies were different, a few things remained the same: my pattern of doubting myself, a habit of breaking promises I made. A routine of saying, “I’ll start tomorrow” or “This one thing won’t hurt“.

This pattern wasn’t just showing up in my weight struggles. It was also showing up in my finances.

Month after month, I’d setup a new budget or get excited about a new plan to save money or spend less or earn more. Week after week, I’d make exceptions and excuses.

There effort was there. The results, however, were not. 

I wrote in Chasing Cupcakes that it felt like 1,000 beginnings with no end in sight.

So what was the big mistake? Interestingly, my own decades of struggle weren’t enough to show me this pattern because, unfortunately, it’s harder to see patterns in our own lives than to identify them in the lives of others. That’s why I value having coaches. That’s why my clients are able to create such massive breakthroughs – because I can see these plain-as-day patterns when they aren’t able to.

The mistake is that I thought creating change was about the plan. The program. The protocol. I spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to find “the right one”.

That’s not what we need in order to change.

We have to break down the barriers. Our work isn’t related to the plan or the program. Our work is about identifying and removing what is in the way.

See, there is more than 1 way to lose weight. There is more than 1 way to create wealth. There is more than 1 way to do absolutely everything. And NONE of them will work if you keep bumping in to the same barriers.

On the flip side, most of them will work after you remove the barriers.

So, that’s what I do with my clients in the 12 Weeks to Transformation. We break down the barriers. We remove them. And as we do that, we remove the struggle. We diminish and ultimately eliminate the resistance.

Please, stop thinking that your answer is in the next diet. That success is a matter of keto versus vegan. That’s simply untrue. Let’s change the game and upgrade the strategy and finally achieve the goals you’ve been working for for so long!

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Within the 12 Weeks to Transformation, that’s my sole objective. With daily coaching audios, weekly challenges, a guided Identity Journal and live coaching webinars twice each week, I am in the trenches with you, tearing down these walls and helping you pave the way to a life you love. Our Summer 12 Weeks to Transformation kicks off on Sunday July 7th and registration opens next week. Make sure you’re on the wait list for free coaching between now and then.

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