How I Bounce Back

by | Apr 13, 2019 | Blog

This morning I needed to bounce back. I was in a funk. Specifically, my feelings were hurt and I was continuing to replay the situation over and over in my thoughts.

It felt awful and I don’t want to feel awful.

We can stay in the funk. We can fuel the situation with our thoughts & words or we can take ourselves right out of it. While it’s totally fine to choose to stay there, it’s important to acknowledge that it is a choice and it’s not the only choice available to you.

In fact, that’s always my first step.

Acknowledge that you are your own mood maker.

Your feelings follow your thoughts. While thoughts do arise spontaneously, you decide whether or not you continue to fuel them with your attention.

As I sat with my journal this morning, I considered how the best version of me would go through this day.

Joyfully. Gratefully. Happily. Making choices that move me towards my goals.

I don’t want to stay in the funk therefore I must make moves to pull me out of it.

Revisit your power.

Owning that I have the power to make my own mood, here’s what I wrote in my journal this morning:

I can create the life I want. I can create the home I want. The relationships I want. The wealth I want. The peace I want. The health I want. The physique I want. The mood I want.

In the 30 seconds it took me to write that in my journal, my mood started to shift. In this day, through my thoughts and actions, I can create a positive, empowered day or I can create a sad, crappy, frustrated day.

You have the same choice.

So what, now what?

I ask myself that simple question on a regular basis: so what, now what?

So now that I am starting to feel a little better, what will I do about it? What will I do now and next to put myself in a great mood and take steps towards creating the life I want?

Here’s what I did this morning:

  1. Ten slow, deep breaths
  2. Write 3 things that are great about my life and/or my potential
  3. Listen to “Rise Up” by Andra Day
  4. Identify two things I can & will do today to create the life of my dreams
  5. Read my affirmations

Every time I need to bounce back, it looks a little different, so today’s strategy might not work for you but I’ve done a bunch of episodes & blogs on other strategies so if this is something you want to get better at, check them out!

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