How To Reduce Cellulite

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Let’s talk about cellulite. I have it. Most people do. Honestly, it’s not a huge deal (unless you make it one). Hell, it’s not even a small deal.

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Are there things you can do to reduce cellulite? Yes.

Will you probably have some regardless of what you do? Yes.

Is it worth being miserable & insecure? No! C’mon. Life is short.

I’m absolutely going to share with you what I’m doing to reduce the cellulite on my thighs & butt, but first, we’re talking mindset.

If you put off living your life because of the size of your waist, the flab on your arms or the cellulite on your legs, you will always have a reason to hold back. You will always miss out. And you’ll never be completely happy.

I want to challenge you to change your perspective. Do not let anything about your appearance prevent you from living your fullest, happiest, most confident life.

I recently got home from a short vacation and I picked up Daring Greatly to re-read. The author, Brene Brown, writes something in the introduction that I believe we all need to embrace:

When we spend our lives waiting until we’re perfect or bulletproof before we walk into the arena, we ultimately sacrifice relationships & opportunities that may not be recoverable, we squander our precious time, and we turn our backs on our gifts…

With that said, here are the 6 things I’m doing to reduce cellulite. I have noticed an improvement in the last few weeks.

Reducing cellulite requires a multifaceted approach. The goal is to increase blood flow, strengthen & build muscle, reduce fat and increase hydration.

  1. Mindset
    I will not talk myself out of doing something because of my appearance. I wear a bathing suit regardless of cellulite. I will not let my body stop me from fully experiencing life, now or ever again!
  2. Weight training
    I lift heavy weights. Heavy is relative but heavy, to me, means a weight where I can only do 4-6 unbroken reps with good from. Deadlifts & squats are a big part of this for me. Here’s an episode I did on strength training.
  3. Massage
    I get a deep tissue massage every other week. I don’t do this exclusively to reduce cellulite but to help my muscles recover from my workouts and for relaxation. I’m not a shopper, I’m not a shoe girl, but I love a great massage!
  4. Foam rolling
    I foam roll every day before my workout. I also have a foam roller at home and make time to foam roll my legs & butt every evening.
  5. Clean eating
    Fat loss is undeniably an important cellulite-reduction strategy. For more on this, check out the Fat Loss Basics series of the podcast (episodes 121-126).
  6. Red light therapy
    Like massage, I don’t use red light therapy exclusively for cellulite, but it definitely is helping! Red light therapy, which I do via the Joovv light at home, also helps with overall skin health (like wrinkles) and anti-inflammation. It’s been a huge help to my shoulder & knee!

Let’s talk more about this Joovv light, shall we? I mentioned it on episode 416 of the podcast and you guys have asked a ton of questions.

Let’s talk for a second about light in general. Think about what light does for plants. Sunlight allows plants to manufacture energy. Without light, plant cells don’t function & the plants die.

This is very true for all living things. And, there are different types of light. Our body responds differently to each.

Remember way back in episode 016 we talked about blue light & how it suppresses melatonin production? Blue light is the type of light emitted from televisions, phones, computers, etc and it tells our cells that it is daytime. Receiving that message, melatonin production is supressed, making it harder to fall asleep, stay asleep and get into the deep, restorative stages of sleep.

Another type of light is red light. Red light is therapeutic in a number of ways. It increases collagen production by the cells (part of how it reduces cellulite) and it helps reduce inflammation.

Several months ago, I went to a spa to sit in a red-light sauna. But, the impact of red light is most significant when used regularly.

I definitely won’t be going to a spa several times a week for red light sessions, so I got the Joovv at home light. It hangs in my closet and I go in there, turn the light on, get naked and spend about 10 minutes on most days soaking up the red light rays.

Though it’s not a magic bullet, I have noticed that it, along with training, nutrition, massage & foam rolling, has helped reduce inflammation and lessen the appearance of my leg & butt cellulite.

For me, it pays for itself quickly because of how frequently I use it compared with how often I’d go to a spa for a similar treatment!

If you want to give one a try, check out their product options and use the coupon code PRIMAL to save $25.

If you’re serious about changing the shape of your body, keep in mind that NOTHING will have a larger impact than changes to nutrition. Nutrition is absolutely the driver of change.

If you want to get started with some fat loss nutrition episodes, here are some great starting points!

121: Fat Loss Basics

195: Golden Rules of Carbs & Fat Loss

137: Always Hungry

058: Understanding Fat Loss

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