Year of Push 1.13 Struggle Bus

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Hey guys, if you’re new to these posts, listen to this podcast episode to get the scoop on what changes I’m making in my life and you can start back at my first daily post here.

This week is going to look a little different because I’m fasting and adjusting my workouts accordingly. If you want to understand what my fast is and why I’m doing it, listen to episodes 300 and 307 of the Primal Potential Podcast. Things will return to the normal nutrition & fitness push next week. 

Fasting Day 3!

I am shocked by my hunger (or lack thereof). Don’t get me wrong – as I’m typing this part of the post, I’ve been fasting for about 40 hours and I’ve certainly had moments of hunger. What shocks me is that none of them have been too strong or significant and they pass within minutes.

I really thought hunger would be much more of a battle. We’ll see what today brings!

I had trouble falling asleep last night but still woke up at my normal 4:30a. My first thoughts were of being slightly hungry and I think my reaction to those thoughts is a real difference maker for me.

I could have panicked: Oh no! I’m hungry!  I knew this would happen, today is going to suck! How am I going to get through the day being hungry? And I still have 2 more full days to go!

I didn’t do that.

Instead, I noticed the hunger and thought, “That makes sense. No big thing, I can get comfortable with this.”

Within 5 minutes, the hunger sensation dissipated almost entirely. There’s a very low-grade hunger but it’s hardly noticeable (unless I focus on it!).

I am grateful for the continuous lesson that if I make something a big deal, it becomes a big deal. If I don’t, it doesn’t.

A word about workouts:

I shared with you that I did go to the gym & do my normal workout yesterday. I wasn’t yet 24 hours into the fast when I went to the gym so I was confident that I had the energy reserves to feel great throughout. I was right.

I didn’t plan to go to the gym after yesterday but I’ll be honest – I’m feeling really good and I think Ella & I are going to head to the gym this morning. I won’t lift heavy weights or do anything intense, but I really want to move my body & sweat.

I shared on episode 300 of the podcast that I didn’t want to workout during the fast because I wanted my body’s resources devoted to healing. The latter part is still true.

What is also true is that I feel my best on days I workout and I really didn’t expect to feel so good, strong and not hungry during this fast.

This is my first extended fast so my primary commitment is to listen to my body & respond accordingly. For that reason, I’m gonna feel out a light workout today.

Ella & I enjoyed a couple cups of coffee (I drank mine black) and then headed to the gym.

I really wanted to keep the workout light and casual so as to avoid taxing my body & triggering hunger. I wish I could give you a formal workout but I was all over the place.

Jump rope (sets of 100-200)

Good mornings (with 45#)

Bear complexes (with 95#)


We lightly worked out for about 35 minutes and left feeling good.

It’s now 8am, I have a slight headache but I’m remarkably not hungry (despite chatting with Ella’s husband about food for 20 minutes!)


Struggle bus. I’m not hungry but I’m super tired. My bet is that it has more to do with drinking less coffee (I’ve intentionally dialed back during fasting) but I’m having a really hard time focusing.

I’ve texted Ella, who is just downstairs, asking her to assure me that my brain will come back. I’m in a fog. I’ve got legit work to do but focus seems very far away.

If you guys aren’t following our hysterical live streams in the private Facebook group, you should be. Last night I was recounting my crazy travel day and telling Ella, while live on FB, that the woman next to me on one of my flights had the audacity to eat chocolate covered pretzels.

Ella says, “Did you tell her….”

I interjected – “I wore my shirt.”

“What shirt?”

“Screw off. I’m fasting”

Jusssst kidding. No such shirt was worn.

Just saying our live streams are pretty freakin’ funny (or maybe we’re just bored because we aren’t eating). Our second live stream was from bed. Like, Ella & I in bed, with a selfie stick that someone mistook for a rifle….



Had some cold brew coffee & took a long, hot shower. I’m feeling MUCH better. Still struggling to focus but that could easily be that I’m not in my normal setting. Still not too hungry. Definitely would love to eat, but I’m not terribly hungry. Shocking!


Ella & I went out for facials – she had microderm & I had micro planing, basically scraping off the surface of my skin with a small blade. I have to say I think we were both a tiny bit grumpy.

The ladies at Lewisville Laser were not only super helpful, they also pretended we weren’t crabby and prettttty miserable!

I’m having some random, strong hunger pangs but they’ve all passed within 5-10 minutes.

The focus is still a struggle but I’m buckling down and giving myself a timeframe within which I need to get some work done.

I’m kind of amazed by the lack of hunger. Like I said on one of my live streams with Ella, this puts into context those moments when it’s been 5 or 6 hours since I’ve last eaten and I feel “starving”. Dude, that’s not what starving feels like. If  I can go 40+ hours without eating and survive the waves of hunger, I am just fine after 5 or 6.


It’s been a struggle bus of a day. Still hunger is pretty low but I’m tired & finding focus to be a challenge. We did however have a great Facebook live chat with our fasting group.

As soon as I hit publish on this blog, I’m gonna watch some basketball and get right to bed.

We went to a trampoline park, which was fun, but I can’t say I was in the most fabulous mood. While Ella has been really hungry & full of energy, I’ve been not hungry but low energy.

What I consumed today:

  • Black coffee
  • Cold brew coffee
  • Water

Here’s to seeing how I feel tomorrow! Love you guys!


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