578: EB Weighs in on Popular Diets

Mar 30, 2019

In today’s listener Q&A episode, we’re diving into popular diets like keto & OMAD (one meal a day) as well as questions about eating well on a budget, managing times of stress and much more!

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Questions Addressed in Today’s Episode:

  • What are your thoughts on OMAD (one meal a day)?
  • I get on these streaks of great self-care and then something happens in my life – chaos or crisis – how can I train myself to embrace this lifestyle even when things are hard?
  • Is it wrong to feel like you need outside help to change?
  • One of the excuses I always give myself is that I can’t afford to eat healthy. The thing is, it feels true, not like an excuse. Do you have any tips?
  • What are your top 2-3 perspective shifts or mindset changes that have improved your life?
  • You get up very early. What time do you go to bed and how much sleep do you try to get?
  • Does the 12 WT center around weight loss or can it apply to any goal in life?
  • How do you feel about the keto diet?
  • I’m good at abstinence but as soon as I have one treat, I go off the rails. How can I get to the point where I can have one treat without blowing it?
  • When is your cookbook coming out?
  • How to I get back on track after a binge streak?


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