705: Creating & Improving Your Growth Mindset

Creating change and taking your life to the next level absolutely requires that you have a growth mindset and not a fixed mindset.

Growth Mindset Books Mentioned in Today’s Episode

Mindset by Carol Dweck

The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday

Chasing Cupcakes by Elizabeth Benton

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698: My Biggest Lessons In 2019

2019 was a huge year for me – so many massive changes in my life and while they weren’t all easy, I’m walking away having learned some of the biggest lessons of my life! Today, I’m sharing those lessons with you!

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2019’s Biggest Lessons (for me)

  1. Don’t expect you from other people
  2. Think bigger – stop playing small
  3. An open mind is key to success

To hear about what these lessons mean to me, listen to today’s episode!

What were some of the biggest lessons you learned this year?

691: Overcoming Comparison & Judgement

It’s time for a Q&A episode! We are answering your questions about comparison, judgement and so much more!

Here’s the list of the questions we’re diving into today:

  • How do I stop widening the gap? Even when I know inaction is the issue but I do it anyway. (To understand this question, please listen to episode 683 of the podcast)
  • How would you describe your best day?
  • How do I learn to not care what other people think, or not compare myself with someone else’s journey?
  • Any specific dietary suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am so confused by ALL the information available- I just shut it down due to overload. I would like some practical, reasonable approaches, especially for any snacks, etc.
  • I’ve lost weight through a program and am now trying to succeed on my own. How do I successfully transition and not backslide?

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Pregnancy Update // 3rd Trimester #1

Praise! We made it to the 3rd trimester! 11 weeks until my due date!







The end of the second trimester was a total whirlwind. I had a mastermind meeting in California then I was off to ASCEND in Portland Oregon. We were home for a couple days and then left again for an incentive trip to Costa Rica. As soon as we got back it was Thanksgiving and then our baby shower! Primal Potential’s new COO starts next week, the 12 Weeks to Transformation launch is next week, I’m continuing to record 5-6 podcast episodes each week to make sure I’m well ahead before baby…there’s been a lot happening and that makes time go by so fast!

I feel big and also totally welcome the fact that I’ll be getting much bigger. It’s all good! This is a “big” season of life in every way!

She kicks like crazy and still has enough room to roll over and change directions – I’ll routinely see her head or her bumb sticking out from my belly.

The very BEST news is that our tenant moved out of the apartment on our property so we immediately moved into it. That means that though the renovation of the main house continues, we now have a kitchen, a real bathroom and a bed that isn’t on the floor! (We love our tenant, we’re just sooooo pumped to have a kitchen after nearly 6 months without one!)

That means I’m back to cooking and eating more “real” food! I’ve made chili, brussels sprouts, cauliflower rice…it’s amazing what having a kitchen will do for a pregnant woman! Baby very much prefers apples and starchy carbs, but we’re finding a far more comfortable balance now that the kitchen is back in play!

We’re hopeful the renovation will be completed by the end of January. I’m sure we’ll be recruiting the help of family to get our stuff out of storage and into the house since I’ll be little to no help at that point!

Pregnancy Insomnia Is Real

The struggle right now is lack of sleep. I can fall asleep easily but wake up within an hour and stay awake for many, many hours. I’m adjusting to it, but that’s the hardest part.

Physically, I feel more limited. Bending forward is no longer comfortable. Sitting up from a reclined position is a unique challenge. I get winded much more quickly. The other day I was doing kettlebell swings in my office and I felt winded after the first 10!

I have a fair amount of pelvic bone pain and recently started to feel some low back pain, but otherwise, I feel great physically.


It still feels entirely surreal that there will be a baby here soon but we are very excited. It will be interesting to not have a maternity leave but I have an epic support system and I know we’ll make it work for us.

At our shower, there was a little trivia game. One of the questions was what we are each most excited about related to the baby.

For me, I’m most excited to see her face. I’m second most excited to see my grandmother (who is 99) hold her first (or second) grandbaby. My cousin and I are both pregnant and our due dates are only 3 days apart! I can’t wait to see my grandmother hold both baby girls!


Since the house is still being renovated, my office is filling up with boxes of baby stuff. Bassinets, car seats, swings, breast pump, etc. Every day I try to create a little order, but it will really have to wait until the renovation is complete.

I’m in no rush to pack a hospital bag – there’s really not much I’ll need and there’s nothing that can’t be grabbed after we get there.

We’ve been talking about who we want to inform when we head to the hospital and how we want to handle/limit hospital visitors, but again, we aren’t feeling too much pressure to have a firm plan. We’re pretty flexible about all that stuff.

As long as the house is complete when baby comes, we’ll plan to have any guests (my mom, his parents, etc) stay in the apartment so we can have time, space and privacy in the main house without guests for the first 4-6 weeks.

We’re so excited to watch this journey unfold!

688: Problem Solving Versus Problem Creating

In today’s Q&A episode we are talking about the difference between solving the problem and further creating new ones. How to focus on coming up with solutions rather than paying attention to how you feel about the problem? Tune in for the answer!

We answer these questions in today’s episode:

  • Any tips for problem solving (instead of problem creating)?
  • What are the differences between MCT oil and cocount oil? Are they the same thing? I tried your bullet proof tea the other day, making it with a tablespoon of butter and of coconut oil and found it to be somewhat greasy. Am I using the right amounts?
  • What is happiness?
  • I’ve lost weight before but I couldn’t really see the change. The clothes were a smaller size and people said “you look great“ but I couldn’t see it. Do you have suggestions for how to change that kind perspective?
  • I’m feeling borderline depressed and unmotivated to do anything.  I feel like I spend all my time planning, prepping, and cleaning for my household, with very little gratitude and appreciation.  And half the time I feel like I’m just wasting my time and energy on things that only matter to me. I know what I need to do. I know what I want to do.  But why should I do them if it doesn’t matter to anyone else? How can I stay motivated when no one else around me is or even cares?
  • I signed up for your Breaking Barriers course in June, it is now November and I have yet to complete it, not because I am too busy, but I forget to make it a priority and I get lazy. So my question …. do you think I would do better in the twelve weeks to transformation group? I think I may need more accountability.

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