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683: Are You In “The Gap”?

Are you living in the space between where you are now and where you want to be? The Gap between knowing what you should be doing and what you’re actually doing…? In today’s episode, I talk about our recent Ascend workshop in Portland, Oregon. This idea of ‘The Gap’...

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681: Big Lessons from My 2019 Mastermind

In January 2019 I joined a mastermind that forced me to step outside my comfort zone. Surrounded by 7, 8 and 9-figure business owners, I’ve developed an entirely new perspective toward certain aspects of business and life. In this episode, I share 7 important lessons...

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678: Take Responsibility

You need to take responsibility for your choices, your attitude, your goals and your progress. It's long past time you stop blaming your circumstances! It’s time to take full responsibility, no matter what your situation. In today’s episode, I passionately call for...

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675: 5 Keys to Financial Freedom

Do you believe Financial Freedom is possible for you? Is it even an option, or do you believe it’s something reserved for other people? Not you. No way… you’re an “X” so you can’t possibly be financially free… It isn’t true. Financial freedom IS an option for every...

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674: 10 Rules for Success

What separates successful people from those who are stuck in the “struggle”? When you’re stuck in it, it often feels impossible to break free; as though it’s out of your control. Yet successful people also face adversity, obstacles and pain. It’s how they approach all...

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