725: Carrying Emotional Burdens

In today’s Q&A listeners episode, we’re opening a conversation on emotional burdens and how they’re an important part of the journey.

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Here’s the list of the questions from our listeners that we’re discussing this Saturday:

  • Can you talk about making “big” decisions? For example, when EB decided to invest in the business Mastermind group, what were the thoughts and processes? I know you have touched on this somewhat in various podcasts, but I’d love for you to take us back to the moment you signed on.
  • How to keep doing what you need to do for yourself when you’re living in perpetual stress (a sick parent, an alcoholic husband, a wayward child, etc)?
  • How can we trust that everything will be okay?
  • I lost weight and then gained it all back. I feel embarrassed and although I know I did it once so I can do it again it feels so much harder. I’m really struggling with body image issues which also makes things harder because of the negative self-talk.
  • How not to carry an emotional burden, when bad or unfair things have happened to you? Or is it okay to feel/react on those occasions? This might sound really stupid, but hopefully, you’ll understand what I’m after. Like if someone just treats you really bad, and it genuinely hurts, and you know that you should not react, but it feels unhumanly Teflon-like not to react or feel bad. Can you just have/live the emotions, and still stay on course/be okay? This is one of my biggest struggles.

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724: What Everyone Needs to Know about Their Thyroid

There are some health strategies that help EVERYTHING – whether you want to lose weight, have more energy, support your thyroid or balance your hormones, this episode is for you!

We don’t need to get hung up on every little detail, complex strategies or competing health goals. The reality is that there are a few big rocks that influence everything!

Today we’ll be talking about stress, nutrition, toxic exposure and bacterial imbalance – regardless of your health goals, you’ll want to listen to today’s episode!

Mentioned on Today’s Show:

The probiotic I take for mental & emotional health

The probiotic I take for digestion & immune health

Butcher Box

The Hormones & Fat Loss Miniseries begins with episode 011

723: Busyness Leads to Bad Decisions

Today we’re taking a look at some powerful research supporting the fact that busyness leads to bad decisions and, most importantly, what we can do about it.

Here’s the article referenced in today’s episode.

“When we get caught up in a time scarcity trap of busyness, a panicked firefighting mode, we might only have the capacity to focus on the most immediate, often low-value tasks right in front of us rather than the big project or the long-range strategic thinking that would help keep us out of the tunnel in the first place.”

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Check out Episode 587: Busy Is Bullshit

722: Discipline – Why It Feels So Elusive (And What You Can Do About It)

It always helps to figure out first in which area in your life that you could insert DISCIPLINE a little more! Be specific with what outcome you want, work on it every day, and stick with it. The highlight of this Saturday’s Q&A episode is discipline and how you could incorporate it into your life. Join us as we tackle the topic!

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Here’s the list of questions we’re discussing in this episode:

  • Can you talk about discipline?
  • You always hear that you should be “the dumbest” person in your group in order to elevate and grow. I get the concept. But how do you find that in real life? I have some great long-time friends… that I’m keeping but I keep thinking I should do more and find an additional group? Not easy to do at my age and introvert tendencies.
  • The pictures on my online dating profile are from when I was 30 pounds lighter, which I gained in the last couple of months due to stress and lack of focus. Should I disclose that I’ve gained weight or should I update the pics (which I haven’t been taking pics) or should I pause online dating until I get my shit together?
  • Why can’t I stop eating? I’ve listened to hundreds of EB’s podcasts. I’m in therapy and I’ve lost 80 lbs over 2 years… and I still can’t stop eating/bingeing and keep regaining my weight. I still have 100 lbs to lose.

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721: Love (of Money) In Action

Money is a weird topic. I love to talk about it because I think it makes it more accessible for everyone. Others get super squirrely when it comes up. On today’s episode, we want to bust through some money myths and misunderstanding and explore how creating financial abundance is for EVERYONE.

On today’s episode I have Brett Thomas, a former sales executive who left the security of a 25-year career to work for himself and make a bigger impact in the world.

We’ll also talk with Pat Hintze who quickly realized that working for someone else would limit him. He has worked for himself for over 20 years and the ways it allows him to serve his family & community have far exceeded his expectations.

Lastly, you’ll hear again from Brooke Thomas, who believes that we have to generate to be generous.

720: Creating Traction for Action

Thanks to the recommendation of a friend & business partner of mine, I read “Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business” back in November/December.

While the book is clearly geared towards business, there’s so much in it that can help all of us create traction for continuous action in our own lives! On today’s podcast you’ll hear me discuss a few of the ideas and strategies that will help you gain momentum and make growth easier!

If you aren’t a reader, listen to this book on Audible! If you go through this link, you can get your first month AND your first book free!

719: Getting Past Your Limiting Beliefs

Acknowledging that you do have limiting beliefs is the very first step toward getting past them. This Saturday we’re talking about the challenge in it and why it’s very important to do!

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Here are the questions we’re answering this Saturday:

  • How do I change my limiting beliefs?
  • How can you decrease inflammation in your body?
  • What are the best natural sources of probiotics? What is an appropriate serving to maintain gut health?
  • Why do I continually make poor food choices even when I know better?
  • Does Elizabeth do 1:1 virtual nutrition counseling? I am overwhelmed by all the diet information out there and would be very interested in this.

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