728: Staying “On Track”

Welcome to today’s Q&A episode! It’s going to be a conversation about the KEY to staying “on track” through all the ups and downs.

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Questions we’re answering in the episode:

  • Why do I feel like I’m “missing out” when I make healthy food choices? How do I get past this feeling? I want to comfortably say no to the fish and chips and be excited about the healthy lean protein/salad option.
  • How to eat now that I am trying to maintain low levels of estrogen?
  • What do you snack on or have for on the go food? Any thoughts about trying to lose weight and breastfeed? Tips on how to address sugar cravings in the middle of the night while breast feeding?
  • How to stay on track and not let the ups and downs of reality derail you?

We’re giving away a box of Energy+ in today’s episode! Stay tuned for the winner.

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725: Carrying Emotional Burdens

In today’s Q&A listeners episode, we’re opening a conversation on emotional burdens and how they’re an important part of the journey.

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Here’s the list of the questions from our listeners that we’re discussing this Saturday:

  • Can you talk about making “big” decisions? For example, when EB decided to invest in the business Mastermind group, what were the thoughts and processes? I know you have touched on this somewhat in various podcasts, but I’d love for you to take us back to the moment you signed on.
  • How to keep doing what you need to do for yourself when you’re living in perpetual stress (a sick parent, an alcoholic husband, a wayward child, etc)?
  • How can we trust that everything will be okay?
  • I lost weight and then gained it all back. I feel embarrassed and although I know I did it once so I can do it again it feels so much harder. I’m really struggling with body image issues which also makes things harder because of the negative self-talk.
  • How not to carry an emotional burden, when bad or unfair things have happened to you? Or is it okay to feel/react on those occasions? This might sound really stupid, but hopefully, you’ll understand what I’m after. Like if someone just treats you really bad, and it genuinely hurts, and you know that you should not react, but it feels unhumanly Teflon-like not to react or feel bad. Can you just have/live the emotions, and still stay on course/be okay? This is one of my biggest struggles.

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506: Food As Medicine – Hemp Hearts

506: Food As Medicine – Hemp Hearts

Today we are talking about hemp hearts! I recently started incorporating these as a substitution for other nuts and seeds do the recommendations in my Viome assessment. Hemp hearts contain all 9 essential amino acids, they don’t contain oxalates or phytates (as most nuts and seeds do) and they contain both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. They’re a rich source of minerals and they have a great nutty flavor!

Today we’ll talk about their omega profile and what makes it unique as well as considerations for buying hemp seeds and different ways to incorporate them.


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Episode 504: Avoid, Minimize, Indulge

Episode 031: Omega 3 Fatty Acids

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Be A Better Finisher

My fall Fat Loss Fast Track groups are coming to a close this week (winter kicks off in early January) and I’ve been reminding my groups of the importance of being a finisher – of learning to finish strong – practicing a strong finish to a program, to a day, to a week, a month or simply a meal. In a world where we feel like we’ve mastered the strong start (at the expense of ever finishing, nevermind being a strong finisher) this practice can be a real game changer.

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My grandpa used to love coming to my basketball games when I was a kid. In addition to shouting at me to rebound and be aggressive, he’d remind me to leave it all on the court. Give it everything you’ve got. Don’t come off the court with any energy left. Leave it all out there.

That has evolved into one of my favorite mantras during a workout – “last set, best set”.

Last set, best set.

It reminds me to bring my very best effort at the end of the workout. Even if I was pacing at the start to feel out the workout, the end isn’t the time to give up or surrender or back off. It’s the time to bring my best and leave it all on the floor. I want to finish with nothing left to give. I use the end of the workout to show myself what I’m really capable of and push beyond my comfort zone.

Every time I do, it builds my confidence. It shows me where maybe I was slowing down or stopping short of my capabilities because of fear or uncertainty or discomfort. Practicing this strong finish makes me better.

Of course it improves my fitness but it dramatically improves my mindset.

I’m sure we’ve all seen runners who put on the brakes as the finish line gets close. Their last few steps are slow, resigned lopes. We’ve also seen runners who turn on the turbo boosters for those last few steps – blasting across the finish line with every ounce of energy they can muster, and then some. They finish with nothing left.

It’s easier for me to apply this inside the gym than outside the gym.

For me, and for many of my clients, outside the gym we’re more likely to finish with resignation & surrender than strength – to finish with the hope for tomorrow instead of pride in today. The perspective of “Oh well, I’ve already blown the day, I might as well eat the rest of the cookies so they aren’t here and I have a fresh start tomorrow” is the absolute antithesis of finishing strong.

We have to use every day as an opportunity to practice.

Did you go out to dinner & indulge in a couple drinks and the warm bread from the bread basket? Finish strong without dessert.

Was your day a hot mess of stress & chaos? Finish strong by slowing down, getting organized and setting yourself up for success tomorrow morning.

Have you been eating everything in sight for the last few hours? Put on the brakes. Have the rest of your day be the rest of your day.

Maybe 2017 hasn’t been the epic year you hoped it would be and you can’t wait for a fresh start in 2018. Sure, new beginnings are great but commit to finish 2017 strong. Impress yourself. Do your best. Make yourself proud.

Practice being a finisher.

Leave it all on the court.

How To Win The 5 Year Game

Marketing tycoon Gary Vaynerchuk says that you win the 5 year game by winning the 5 minute game. This is exactly what I try to execute related to my own health & fitness goals and how I try to talk my clients off the ledge of overwhelm & frustration.

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We completely overwhelm ourselves when we focus on the macro strategy of how we’re going to lose 20, 30, or 100 lbs. We totally distract ourselves when we’re trying to figure out how to do 10 pull-ups before we can do one.

You don’t even need to have your game plan mastered for the next week!  Often times, when we do, we’re so focused on the macro, on the big picture, that we miss all the opportunities in front of us TODAY to make progress. Or, something doesn’t go according to plan and we tell ourselves that we’re screwed.

Sometimes we get stuck caring more about the plan & the theory than we do about the execution. No bueno.

When we focus on the macro instead of the micro, we miss opportunities for progress, we distract ourselves needlessly and we create a sense of chaos & overwhelm.

You win the week by winning the next hour. You win the month by winning the day.

Focus on TODAY. Focus on what happens now. Focus on how you can win the morning, or the afternoon – on how you can make the rest of your day the best of your day.

Focus on what you’re able & willing to do today to move in the direction of your goals.

I’ll use myself as an example. I wake up every day and ask myself what I’m able & willing to do to win the day. Here’s what my list looked like this morning:

This isn’t a task list. There are a bazillion tasks. These are the things that will make me feel like I’ve crushed the day when I’m laying in bed tonight.

I’m not worried about how I’ll navigate the family festivities next weekend. They aren’t here yet. I’m not worried about how I’ll lose 5 lbs. I’m focused on what I’m able & willing to do today to win the day.

PS: I’ll be going into more detail on this on tomorrow’s episode of the Primal Potential podcast.

Speaking of winning the day – my workout was definitely a part of that today! I’m almost back to the full swing of things and I crushed this one!

“Hard Pressed”
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Push Press

I gave it everything I had & it felt amazing.

On the food front:

As you can see from my win list, today is all about that cabbage salad bowl. I’m totally in a rhythm with it and I’m loving the ease and lightness. I chose to take a quick break from Paleo Power Meals because all I was craving was this cabbage bowl.

The first bowl contained raw cabbage, 2 eggs over easy, 2 slices of bacon, half an avocado and a tablespoon of Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo. If it seems like it’s a lot of fat, it is.

The second bowl is lighter: raw cabbage, 1 egg, 2 pieces of grilled chicken, shredded brussels sprouts, Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo and a drizzle of avocado oil.

In between those two my mom & sisters wanted to get lunch while we picked up her wedding dress so I ordered a burger without the bun over arugula.


Hope you have a wonderful day! Remember: how can you make the rest of your day the best of your day?