730: Why I Don’t Want to be Motivated

I don’t want to be motivated. I want to be committed. Today’s episode talks about a paradigm shift that will instantly improve your results.

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Questions from today’s episode:

  • What are my goals?
  • Which goals will I move forward today and how?
  • Who will I help reach their goals today and how?
  • What family/friends will I connect with today?
  • How will I take care of myself today?
  • What does happiness look like today?
  • What are my highest priority tasks today?
  • What will I outsource today?

Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Atomic Habits by James Clear


727: 5 Things I’m Doing to be Healthier After Baby

Today I’m sharing 5 specific shifts I’m making to optimize my health, energy and mindset after baby! Don’t worry though, this isn’t an episode just for moms! As I committed to these changes in my own life, I realized how helpful and powerful they are regardless of your age, gender or family style!

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