694: Getting Out of Your Own Way

“How do I get out of my own way?” is a question we often hear! Sometimes, the answer is more about what you’re doing to get in your own way and if you’re willing to create an improvement today. In today’s episode we’re digging deeper into this question and many more!

Registration for the 12 Weeks to Transformation – Winter is finally open! It’s going to be a great way to start 2020!

We’re answering these questions in this week’s Q&A:

  • I’m wondering if you have any lunch ideas and your reasons for choosing the ingredients etc. I often find lunch time the hardest part of my day for making good choices and would love some suggestions.
  • Where do I start?
  • I would like to know how many journals you have. Do you keep separate journals for your food and HEC  tracking, then another for Identity? Another for gratitude? Another for money?
  • Do you cook your salmon cakes before you freeze them?
  • How do I get out of my own way?
  • I was wondering if you could give some advice on how to find a credible Life Coach Certification program. There are so many online to choose from and since you are in this business, I would love to hear your input. By the way, would you mind sharing where you received your life coaching training?

Congratulations to today’s winner of a box of turmeric latte from Four Sigmatic! We made the exciting announcement by the end of the episode – stay tuned for that!

Registration for the 12 Weeks to Transformation – Winter is finally open! It’s going to be a great way to start 2020!


Vacation State of Mind

I’m celebrating because I’m on vacation, in BERMUDA! I wanted to take a minute to share with you my intention/strategy for this trip.

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Vacation used to be a total free-for-all. I’d eat whatever I wanted, as much as I wanted because, hey, ‘it’s vacation’. The problem was, I’d feel awful. Heavy. Tired. Self-conscious.

I’d come home feeling like I had to crawl out of a hole I dug for myself. It sucked. It wasn’t worth it and I didn’t have as much fun as I could have because the trip was clouded by thoughts about food and food choices. No bueno.

Then, I swung in the opposite direction. For a couple years, I sat on the sidelines. I was militant about my work, my workouts and my food choices. Sure, I was rested and my energy was great, but I was using “structure” as a barrier to connection and experience.

I told myself this story that indulging equals fun and not indulging equals not fun.

Fortunately, I now realize that’s total BS. It’s not either/or. And if it feels like it is, you’re doing it wrong.

I can eat in a way that makes me feel amazing AND really treat myself AND enjoy every bite of food that passes my lips without missing out. It’s really all about the story you tell yourself and the perspective you choose. There is always another way. Dozens of other ways. I will be looking for foods I will LOVE and enjoy eating that will also make me feel amazing (helllllllo ceviche & fresh fish!)

I see every day as an opportunity to enjoy life more and live in alignment with what I want most, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to share my perspective on this trip.

First – I want to feel amazing every single day. I want to feel happy, lighthearted, present, confident and energized.

My first step is to get clear on what kinds of things will make me feel that way and what kinds of things won’t make me feel that way.


Get lots of sleep
Journal every morning
Sweat every day
Play every day – prioritize FUN and connection
Drink lots of water


Make choices that make me feel crappy
Submit to insecurity. Sexy is in how you carry yourself and drama ain’t sexy.
Work too much
Take anything too seriously

There’s a real simple filter I’ll put my choices through: will this make me feel amazing? If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no. Maybe a bite of the dessert will make me feel amazing but having the whole thing is a NO.

Yes, I’ll work every day. I’ve set boundaries for myself that work is between 5am-10am.

Yes, I’ll drink alcohol. I’ll only choose drinks that are really worth it and I won’t have more than 1 drink per day. (More than that and I’m likely to not feel how I want to feel.)

Yes, I might indulge in sugar, but only if it’s worth it and only in a way that still allows me to feel how I want to feel (amazing). (As long as the internet connection is good, I plan to post everything I eat/drink on my IG stories)

However, my biggest focus isn’t on work, workouts, food or alcohol. It’s about connection.

Worrying about how I look in a bathing suit does NOT foster connection with the boyfriend. In fact, it’s a barrier to it. So, I’ll be choosing PRESENCE over projection.

Worrying about the emails that come in at 11am won’t help me connect with the boyfriend. That would be a barrier to connection, so I’ll keep my attention on the moment we’re in.

While these are my vacation practices, they’re also totally applicable to TODAY! To this week at work! For your dinner out tomorrow or absolutely any other time so try them on for size!

I asked you guys over in the Primal Potential FB group if you wanted to hear about podcast about the trip & the strategy in action and the answer was a resounding ‘yes’ so be sure to stay tuned for that soon!

Oh! And don’t forget that I’m doing free weekly coaching videos for everyone who is on the wait list for the summer 12 WT! Here’s a link to get on the wait list if you aren’t on it already!

Paleo Stuffed Peppers

I’m always on a quest to create amazing meals that are simple and fat loss friendly. I hit a homerun with these amazing paleo stuffed peppers, filled with riced cauliflower, ground meat, pancetta & jalapeno! Give them a try and let me know what you think!

Paleo Stuffed Peppers

6 bell peppers

1 jalapeno, seeded & diced

6 ounces pancetta, cubed

16 ounces ground meat (your preference!)

1 bag frozen cauliflower rice

Preheat your over to 375 degrees.

Cut the top off your off your peppers and remove the seeds.

bell peppers

In a large skillet, cook your pancetta until it’s crispy. Set aside in a bowl.

Add your ground meat & jalapeno into the pan. Cook thoroughly. Remove & set aside.

Add cauliflower to skillet and allow to thaw & warm.

Combine pancetta, meat/jalapeno & cauliflower in a large bowl.

Spoon into peppers and place on a baking sheet.

Bake for 30 minutes.


ground meat for paleo stuffed peppers

paleo stuffed peppers 2

3 Ways To Use Coconut Wraps

Coconut wraps sound like something that could either be a food product or a beauty product, don’t you think? Fortunately for all of us who love to eat, I’m talking about food. But before you get too excited, I’m not exactly giving you recipes, just meal ideas. More often than not, the way I eat is far too simple to require a recipe or I just kinda wing it. But I’m happy to tell you what results from my winging it!

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I am a huge fan of Nuco Coconut Wraps. Interestingly, I’m not a big fan of wraps or sandwiches in the traditional sense, but the flavor & versatility of these coconut wraps is pretty awesome!

Here’s the scoop with these wraps (at least the Nuco brand ones): they don’t contain any gluten or grains. Though I wouldn’t eat anything just because of the ingredients, (it’s gotta taste good, ya know?) I do love that the only ingredients in these wraps are coconut meat, coconut water & coconut oil.

For inquiring minds: each wrap contains 6 grams of carbs, 2 of which are fiber and the rest of which are naturally occurring in the coconut. The wraps have a touch of sweetness to them.

You could absolutely use them to make sandwiches/wraps but since I’m not a fan of that to begin with, I use them in a few other ways that I thought I’d share with you guys.

The Breakfast Burrito

Though my breakfast/brunch of choice remains my famous cabbage salad bowl, sometimes I don’t have the ingredients on hand or I want to switch it up. Enter the breakfast burrito.

Just the other day I shared this on Instagram and got a dozen or more questions about the wrap.

coconut wraps

Here’s how I make the breakfast burrito:

First, I cook the bacon* in a skillet. When the bacon is nice & crispy, I set it on a plate and immediately add the eggs to the pan in which the bacon cooked. (If I am making more than a couple slices of bacon, I’ll pour off some of the fat first.) I like to add a spicy element to the eggs – either a hot salsa (as was the case in the above picture) or I’ll put some Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo on the wrap.

*Of course you can omit the bacon. You can make it however you’d like. Recently, I started getting my bacon (with no sugar or nitrates) from Butcher Box & I absolutely love it.

After the eggs are done, I’ll remove them from the pan & put the wrap in it’s place, allowing it to warm up on low heat for about 15 seconds on each side. I’m not trying to cook the wrap, just soften it a little bit. Otherwise it’ll be kinda chewy.

After it’s warm, I put it all together. Voila. See? No recipe really needed. I recently did this with leftover steak (steak & egg burrito) and it was super delish!


Let me first say that I do try to limit dairy. I feel better, I’m less bloated and my skin is more clear when I’m eating less dairy rather than more. But I do love cheese and eat it every once in a while. For more on my perspective on dairy, take a listen to episode 128 of the Primal Potential podcast.

Quesadillas are quick, easy, inexpensive and super delicious. In fact, as I write this, I’m mentally planning the next one I’m gonna make….

A beef fajita quesadilla!

I’ll cook up some peppers, onions and steak like I’m going to have fajitas (you could also easily do this with dinner leftovers after Mexican!) and I’ll toss it inside two wraps with some pepperjack cheese.

These wraps can burn pretty quickly, so you’ve gotta go low & slow when heating them, okay? I’m thinking about 3 minutes on each side over low heat, but it’ll really depend on your pan & how much stuff you put inside.

Either way, crazy tasty. If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll probably see this one show up in my stories sooner than later!

Coconut Chips

I don’t know about you, but I could effortlessly eat a couple baskets of chips & salsa or queso. Thankfully I don’t anymore (pretty sure I’ve hit my lifetime quota of tortilla chips) but I certainly could. Sometimes I really want that combination of crunchy, salty and creamy in a way that carrots or celery doesn’t reallly satisfy.

Enter coconut chips.

Let me first acknowledge that this is what makes me a bad blogger. I could have a recipe but I don’t. Maybe I will change that, we’ll see. But my style is really to put something in the oven and watch what happens. Here’s the great news about that: I believe that we overcomplicate cooking. We think we need to know exactly how to do something before we’ll try. WRONG. Just get in the game and see what turns out!

Here’s how this creation started: I burned a wrap. It was flakey & crunchy like a chip, which wasn’t what I was going for but certainly a happy accident.

So, I cut the wraps into pieces and put the pieces on a sheet pan in a 400 degree oven. I watched them bubble and pulled them as soon as they started to brown. It only took a couple minutes.

I made 2 wraps worth, which was great, because I could have easily eaten more. They were super tasty dipped in guacamole!

There are other flavors of the wraps, but I’m a big fan of the original (plain) flavor. I haven’t tried the turmeric or the cinnamon but I totally added them to my cart while I was writing this post! I bet they are AMAZING (and of course I’ll let you know). The cinnnamon flavor doesn’t have sugar added, just cinnamon, so I’m pretty pumped about that. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram to see what I do with those ones when they arrive!

In October 2019, our relationship with Thrive Market changed. They decided to put their marketing dollars in avenues outside of podcasting but we still think they’re a good choice if you’re looking to save money on health & personal care products.

If you live in an area Thrive Market doesn’t yet service, you can get them on Amazon, they’re just a bit more expensive there and you have to buy them 2 at a time (you can’t buy a single pack at present on Amazon.)

REVIEW: Paleo Power Meals

REVIEW: Paleo Power Meals

Hey guys! I recently tried out a meal delivery service called Paleo Power Meals. I wasn’t compensated to try them, they didn’t ask me to, and I’m not being compensated in any way for my review. (Just tryin’ to keep it real with you!)

I went through some of the details on episode 273 of the Primal Potential Podcast, but I’ve expanded on my thoughts here. If you want to give them a try, be sure to use the coupon code ebprimal20 to save 20%

For the sake of transparency, before we dive in: I reached out to the company after trying them for a few weeks and asked if they’d be willing to give me a coupon code to share with you guys, and they were happy to!

coconut crusted chicken fingers

Overall, my experience was exceptional. The food is fresh, delicious & fat loss friendly. The portions are generous. Having ready-made, whole foods in the fridge made my life so much easier!

Yes, you’re right though: it is expensive. More on that in a minute.

I had been really resistant to try any kind of paleo meal delivery service for a couple of reasons: the money & the options.

I couldn’t justify the price ESPECIALLY when most of the companies I had looked at didn’t have the level of customization I’d want. For example, I don’t want every meal to include starch and in most cases, that’s a common element.

That’s one of the awesome differences (for me) with Paleo Power Meals. Most of the options don’t include starch AND you get to pick & choose which meals you want, with no minimums. That’s rare. And awesome.

Let’s Talk Numbers

After ordering 4 weeks worth of food, I spent an average of $206.70/week. Yeah, that’s just for me.

When I first saw that number, I thought it was way too high for a week’s worth of food.  I would NEVER spend that much at the grocery store in a given week. Ever!

Here’s the thing though: the grocery store isn’t the only place I spend money on food, ya know? In the past, I’ve dismissed these meal delivery programs because I compare it to money I spend at the grocery store. That’s not really a fair comparison.

Plus, I wasn’t adding up *every* trip the grocery store in a given week. I was just thinking about that 1 primary trip. How many times to I run out for something small or something I feel like eating?

Snacks. How many times to buy nuts or a protein bar? A bottle of kombucha, coffee, etc. Not to mention meals out! I wasn’t factoring in a couple lunches out each week and maybe a dinner.

Yeah, I spend a lot more on food than I spend on one primary grocery trip.

I decided that while I tried Paleo Power Meals I would simultaneously stop buying any & all snacks and beverages out. I wouldn’t eat out. That would give me a better understanding of the cost.

For me: it’s worth it. Not only financially, but also in terms of time, energy & emotion.

So that’s the 10,000 ft view. Let’s get nitty-gritty.

The Pros of Paleo Power Meals

  • You can pick and choose which meals you want and the quantities. There’s no bundling so you aren’t stuck with more than what you want or meals you won’t enjoy
  • The food is fresh, not frozen
  • The portions are generous (my sister came over and we actually split several of them and were both completely satisfied – she was amazed at how filling they are!)
  • They have many options with little to no starch (this is a big deal for me personally, based on my carbohydrate intolerance)
  • It saves so much time & mental energy to not have to plan meals, grocery shop, buy snacks, prepare food, clean up, etc

The Cons of Paleo Power Meals

  • It’s expensive (I think when you cut out snacking, reduce eating out, eliminate impulse purchases and realize how much time and mental energy you save, it’s a lot more “worth it” than it might seem)
  • The website is a little clunky – not super easy to order a bunch of meals at once
  • They don’t ship internationally (it’s not a personal con, but I know many of you are international)
  • They only ship on Mondays and their weekly cut off is on Thursdays. So, if you order on a Friday, for example (after their weekly cut off), your order wouldn’t ship out until 10 days later.

Now guys, you need to keep something in mind: you don’t have to use them for all your meals. Maybe you decide life would be easier if your breakfast was pre-made. Or maybe you just need a couple emergency dinners on hand each week.

That’s one of the great things about Paleo Power Meals – you can order 1 meal or 40. I think that’s pretty sweet.

I want to share with you some of my faves, but don’t forget that if you try them out, use the coupon code ebprimal20 to save 20%!

Let’s talk about the food, yeah? These ones are some of my favorites, although there hasn’t been anything I don’t like.


chicken cakes with paleo couscous

chicken cakes with paleo couscous

paleo meal delivery bacon & egg muffin

bacon & egg muffin

coconut crusted chicken fingers

coconut crusted chicken fingers

breakfast burrito-less scramble

stuffed peppers

I totally know this won’t be for everyone, but when I try something I love, you guys are the ones I want to share it with!

If you give them a try, make sure to use the coupon code ebprimal20 to save 20% and, most importantly, tell me what you think!